• [2018/06/22]
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origin story

  1. Arkantos

    Story An Open Letter to Hidden Variable: Origin Stories

    Hello, everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read (and that is a big thank you, because this is going to be lengthy). I’m writing this because I see an opportunity in the game’s future that I really don’t want to see squandered. I may already be too late, but I hopefully this doesn’t fall...
  2. ROTHY

    The Fall of the House of Contiello: Squigly's Origin Story

    Didn't see a thread despite the origin dropping a while ago. What did y'all think of it?
  3. Brawlitup99

    Skullgirls' Current Timeline (+All Origin Stories!)

    While browsing around Skullgirls' many forums, I noticed how there doesn't seem to be a full timeline containing all the events that SG2E and Mobile offer. Thus, I present a (mainly complete, to my knowledge) timeline containing all the events we know currently up to 2nd Encore. This may help if...
  4. Ghost

    Story Story mode and origins.

    You have to add Master difficulty in story mode and origins to make the game more interesting. Sometimes I don't have nothing to do in the game and a new difficulty in story and origins would be cool!
  5. Amanita

    Any tips for Parasoul Origin Story Expert?

    Been trying for at least a week now to beat the last battle on Parasoul’s Origin story, expert level. It’s the treasure fight on the last stage with two Armed Forces. I would have been fine with beating them, but the problem is that the Impersonal Space modifier is on it. I take the combos from...
  6. Gamma Ray

    (SPOILERS!) Parasoul Origins Lore Discussion Thread

    This thread can be used to discuss the story of Parasoul's Origins, please be aware that continuing down this thread will reveal spoilers (As indicated in the title).
  7. OrionsDagger

    So, let's look at those Renoir Family Umbrellas

    So we got some art for the upcoming origin story for Parasoul. We can clearly see that Krieg is nowhere to be seen, but Umbrella is holding Hungern, King Franz is holding a currently unnamed umbrella that seems to correspond to the horseman Conquest, and Todd, who was originally paired with...
  8. MatDestruction

    Are we gonna have more Story Mode?

    So, I would like to know, are we gonna have more of the syory mode, the main story of the game, or are we gonna just receive more Origins Stories? Because we had a lot of new Origins, but no new Story Mode chapter (Maybe we had one or two, I am not sute) and we only talk about new character...
  9. Renan Flippy


    NOTE: If you have not played this story, do not read this. Also, I have a half bad english (Google Translate :p)
  10. K

    Bug - Normal Fillia Dread Locks skin glitch

    Hi so I wanted to report a glitch I experienced with the app where it caused me too lose a fight while I still had two fighters alive in reserve. I was fighting Dread locks Fillia & Harlequin Cerabela in the Maplecrest portion of painwheels origin story advanced missions. The fight is the one...
  11. Filikua

    Beating the Odds: Big Band's Origin Story

    Strange, I thought there'd be something like this on here already (since there's already one for Peacock). Anyway, what are your thoughts on this origin story? All I can say is that it's pretty good imo. Poor Ben, though. :'(
  12. BrolaireOfAsstora

    The resemblance is uncanny

    http://i65.tinypic.com/28hn4gz.png http://i68.tinypic.com/2chapv4.png Devs, is this intentional, or just a coincidence? Either way, now I'm imagining Sarge as Waluigi gone bad or as Waluigi's dad.
  13. Black Egret#13

    Dread Locks help?!?

    I'm having a problem on this mission in expert Peacock origin story in a mission where I have to fight with my Peashooter vs Dreadlocks and Parasite Weave. PW isn't that bad as long as I block, but Dread locks destroys my Peacock. Any idea what I should do to counter. Though the Modifier viewer...