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Jul 24, 2017
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NOTE: If you have not played this story, do not read this. Also, I have a half bad english (Google Translate :p)
Cerebella, Feng and Beatrix face a series of tests organized by Regina and Black Daliah to gain the confidence of the Medicis. First they must overcome an obstacle course and defeat Hubrecht. The three achieve to overcome it, although Feng had a bit of difficulty.
Now the three girls must overcome the mental challenge of Taliesin which is to overcome a puzzle that consists of opening a box containing a Reinoir Egg (an artifact that costs a fortune) in less than 6 minutes. Cerebella and Beatrix do it although Cerebella almost runs out of time. Beatrix agrees to cheat by disappearing the egg so that Feng loses and is disqualified. Feng asks Cerebella to beat Beatix in the last test.
Now as a final test, Cerebella and Beatrix should face a duel and Vitale Medici would witness the duel. The fight is tough, Cerebella launches a projectile, which is deflected by Beatrix and almost killed Vitale. This is saved by Cerebella and she is disqualified and Beatrix as the winner of the contest. Feng congratulates Cerebella for having saved Vitale, but this decides that Cerebella is the winner, for having saved her life and for having discovered Beatrix's true intentions. THAT'S ALL FOLKS.
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Not a whole lot new in here, but getting to see Beatrix is always fun! I guess this cements why Bea doesn't like Bella - she took the center stage in the circus *and* stole her place as a Mafia strongarm.
"I guess my egg was already broken" got a nice chuckle out of me! It seemed like a very Cerebella solution to a problem.
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didn’t explain how she got her hat

no vice versa/10
I agree with you. Origin Stories do not have what you expect, which many do not like, especially if the player comes from the Original game. Although I agree with many, Valentine's Origin Story is the only story in this way that it is good to play.
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I feel that a lot of characters have actual important mysteries in their past which are supposed to be revealed later in the story. Very few people are actually able to use living weapons (I think I read once they are actually tied to specific families, hence Parasoul and co. all having umbrellas only they can use), so the why and how that Vice Versa actually ended up in Bella's possession is probably actually very important.

I gather that these Origins are basically just to bring people up to speed on vaguely who these characters are, not actually progress their storylines much, or at all. Remember that a lot of people playing SGM never touched the console version, or heard of any of these characters before. SGM is basically building a foundation for new players to latch onto before they start dumping actual new info on us I guess.

While Val's storyline was cool, it didn't really give us any new information. Big Band's used actual art from his previous intro on consoles, Painwheel's did nothing at all, Peacock's similar.
I'm guessing they'll all basically be like this. They'll fill in some cute background noise, like how the Cirque characters all behave with each other, or how Big Band was actually super happy with his new body, but they won't give us new info.
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If Squigly’s doesn’t include the phrase “blow your mind” like Regina’s conversation with Dahlia did I will be quite disappointed.
not a very useful observation but i find cerebella and vitale's dynamic very unsettling, she def has some severe daddy issues. it was an enjoyable experience tho, good job making me want to lecture beatrix or idk write her a strong worded letter
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I'm a little sad we still didn't get to learn the names of those other suits. The clown/joker and the prisoner/club.
Other than that, it was a nice little look at one of Cerebella's reminiscences.
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