• [2018/06/22]
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  1. M

    Bug - Normal Bouncing Eliza

    So, while I was playing the first node of holodeck hazards, my Bloodbath Eliza was in sekhmet mode, the sekhmets bite BB. The AI Star-spangled Cerebella used a tier 3 BB, Grabbag, what caused the bug to appear. The first hit is to launch the opponent in the air, then followed by the rest of the...
  2. ThunderChungus

    Cerebella Double Jump?

    Hello guys I'm back with a discovery! So i was doing my prize fights and i accidentally did a tag out move in the corner and somehow did a double jump, so I experimented in training mode After experimenting: My thoughts on this: It's pretty cool but very situational, I will not recommend...
  3. ArkLukas

    Bug - Normal Cerebella's pummel horse special move sometimes doesn't make the enemy staggered

    Motorola / motorola one Android version 9 This happens sometimes vs. different characters, after a combo, making a pummel horse special move, the enemy doesn't stagger and instantly hits back. Using a Cerebella with 1 pummel horse and other special moves/ blockbusters i couldn't record the bug...
  4. Yomady

    Do these goons really go into the thousands?

    Some show in chat, play, and a few in friend suggest but it never shows the whole squad. Another list of goons:
  5. StrongestAntiMETA


    First of all I want to emphasize that these are just suggestions. So no hate please, be easy on me. LOL Also, we (or just me) must admit that these catalysts are near-useless. Then we have the METAs like FrostArmor, ScratchingPost, DPTB, Futile, etc. So I thought, why not do a rework and see...
  6. BallotBoxer

    "CRIMINAL MIND" Cerebella - Strategy and Discussion

    CRIMINAL MIND CEREBELLA Element: Dark Variant: Gold Palette: #17 Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) First Appearance: perhaps coming soon in 3.5 (Oct. 2019) Quote: "A forest of thorns shall be your tomb." Signature Ability BRIAR STRAITS ??? Debut tweet...
  7. A

    Which of the two is better?

    Hello, could you tell me which of the two characters is better? Cerebella Toad Warrior Ms Fortune Purrfect Dark
  8. Gamer_Shot69

    Bug - Normal Frozen Over Negative Damage bug

    Cerebella - Brain freeze's SA reduces my damage so much that it actually heals her. i was using a bio exorcist squigly and performing the ground combo -> launcher -> air combo and by the time cerebella began to fall to the ground i qued up silver chord and the moment it hit her it displayed -407...
  9. NinjaPenguin76

    Bug - Normal PF “Missingno” Glitch (Fighter Hitbox Display Glitch)

    Just played a match where Gray Matter was glitching out- her hitbox looked like TV static. I reminded me of how ‘Missingno’ looked in the old Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow games. It happened a lot more when she tagged in, staying like that for a solid 4-5 seconds without disappearing even when hit...
  10. Erick Draves

    Resolved funny buggies!

    No cheats nor hackings to report... Just a funny buggie momment. Fillia Feels hiperactive today. Grettings and keep the hard work!
  11. Chocostix

    "Against Big Band" combo.

    pls ignore literally everything wrong with the video I'm actually curious though. How many of y'all actually don't know that you can connect PH immediately after her juggle?
  12. cappatacus

    Using Pummel Horse

    This sm has been thrown into just about every Cerebella combo I've seen. Yet, I have a lot of trouble ever getting it to land. For example, I've been told so often to use it directly after a launcher, but before the juggle. I've maybe gotten this to work a handful of times, but it usually autos...
  13. Yomady

    Cerebella - Move List (Including GIFs)

    A list of Cerebella's moves (with gifs included, shown in use): Butt Slam (Special) - http://imgur.com/gallery/8VRaxoL Pummel Horse (Special) - http://imgur.com/a/ShqdAaU Battle Butt (Special) - http://imgur.com/a/uzymAqS Grab Bag (Blockbuster *Unblockable) - http://imgur.com/a/f8dHkA3...
  14. theLoneskull

    The Star of the Show...

    Introducing Cerebella: Cerebella is a "bruiser" who does not inflict very many hits, but packs a powerful punch. Her health stats are second only to Big Band and Squigly. Her attack stats are also second only to Painwheel. She has far fewer abilities than most of the other characters, who are...
  15. TehSterBarn1

    Bug - Normal Countervenom and Vial Hazard colors on Cerebella

    I noticed that when I use either Countervenom or Vial Hazard on Cerebella, the arm of Vice - Versa that's closer to the opponent won't change color like the rest of her body. It was something I just noticed while trying out the new Mortuary Drop, so I don't know if this is an old glitch or not...
  16. bestsuperblox65

    Bug - Normal Cerebella is melting

    Guys, I found missingno. Enough jokes. In the pre-battle screen, Cerebella has been appearing pixelated. It's not super frequent, but it still happens. Pls fix
  17. Amanita

    Any tips for Parasoul Origin Story Expert?

    Been trying for at least a week now to beat the last battle on Parasoul’s Origin story, expert level. It’s the treasure fight on the last stage with two Armed Forces. I would have been fine with beating them, but the problem is that the Impersonal Space modifier is on it. I take the combos from...
  18. R

    Other Cerebella Butt Slam Damage

    Alright, so I'm new to Skullgirls mobile, I've been playing for a bit, but I noticed something while I was messing around with Cerebella. I just got the Silver Butt Slam move and for some reason it's dealing less damage than my Bronze version. Am I missing something? The only difference is the...
  19. OozyGamer

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    Around some time yesterday I made this post with a petition stating as to why they should remove Prize Fight Golds from relics. However, I did not provide any effective reasoning for it, and that's what this edit is for; to provide some effective reasoning as to why I feel the way I do about...
  20. OozyGamer

    The only Cerebella combo you'll need

    "Let's nerf Paraste Weave" (Full credit goes to ImaiKari for discovering this "optimal combo")