• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ROTHY

    The Fall of the House of Contiello: Squigly's Origin Story

    Didn't see a thread despite the origin dropping a while ago. What did y'all think of it?
  2. Brawlitup99

    Skullgirls' Current Timeline (+All Origin Stories!)

    While browsing around Skullgirls' many forums, I noticed how there doesn't seem to be a full timeline containing all the events that SG2E and Mobile offer. Thus, I present a (mainly complete, to my knowledge) timeline containing all the events we know currently up to 2nd Encore. This may help if...
  3. Ghost

    Story Story mode and origins.

    You have to add Master difficulty in story mode and origins to make the game more interesting. Sometimes I don't have nothing to do in the game and a new difficulty in story and origins would be cool!
  4. J

    Bug - Normal Missing Parasoul Relic after origin chapter completion

    As title says, I just 100%'d the cannopolis chapter of Parasoul's origin story in advanced difficulty, and as expected, I received a Parasoul relic as a reward. However, when I went to open it, it just wasn't there, I don't know if anyone from the support team can track my relics or something...