• [2018/06/22]
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  1. I

    Characters Feedback: Update Painwheel

    I think that you guys should update painwheel. Her flying ability is basically useless, because the hit stun of her flying dash attack has a very short hit stun on enemy there for letting the enemy punish you or blocking your next attack. You can’t combo with it at all. I also this she should...
  2. B

    Bug - Normal Its a bug about painwheel bug trap's name

    I don't rly need to write anything u can understand from the pictures below
  3. You cant beat D

    Characters Painwheel's absurd coverage.

    Painwheel as a character has significantly more coverage by herself In a typical rift setting then any other character would assuming you stacked them in addition to having one of the most volatile, unpredictable AIs in the game, as well as several variants with abilities that while fine by...
  4. ut.ilizator

    painwheel palette that i did

    im not sure if this can reach devs. tho id be happy if they saw it. i did not drop zip file since its just a showoff
  5. T

    Is Biting Cold worth investing in?

    I just got Biting Cold from the 100 million Firework Show milestone. Is she worth investing into? How are her stats compared to other gold Painwheels? Is her SA actually good?
  6. rexturtle1120

    Painwheels Character ability and others

    I was gonna put this under painwheel but I've got more to say. Hi! I was thinking about some of the more underutilized SAs and game parts and I found myself asking, "Does anyone actually use painwheels character ability"? On paper I suppose it sounds fine enough, but when you actually use it...
  7. BallotBoxer

    "BITING COLD" - Strategy and Discussion

    BITING COLD PAINWHEEL Element: Water Variant: Gold Palette: #24 Nemo (an Indie-go-go backer picked palette of fan character) First Appearance: 4.6 (Mar. 2021) Signature Ability NECROVORE Gain 1 stack of BARRIER and THORNS for 10 seconds every 3 seconds while near a dead body. Gain 5 stacks of...
  8. stale cheeto

    what moves would you guys recommend for fly trap painwheel?

    I have no idea what would be the most suited for her, does anyone have any ideas?
  9. T

    Characters Painwheel's Character Ability

    Isn't Painwheel's CA a bit useless? I can't really think of any reliable use for it and I don't even remember about it most of the time while playing her. In comparison to e.g. Eliza's or Beowulf's CAs it's just abysmal. Shouldn't it get a rework or something? So that players can actually use it...
  10. C

    Bug - Normal Rusty SA2 and Precision

    This is something I noticed when fighting That's All Folks! with Rusty, but when precision stacks get converted, only the first stack of bleed wears off and the others are permanent. For example, if Rusty SA triggers after TAF SA does, then TAF gains 5 stacks of bleed, one of which wears off...
  11. Kontol Kuda


    Time to put BLOOD DRIVE's self-inflicted BLEED stacks to good use! In 4.3 every time BLOOD DRIVE uses a Blockbuster she will now CONVERT all stacks of BLEED on HERSELF into long-lasting stacks of ENRAGE. PRO TIP: This applies to BLEEDS inflicted by her opponent too! So, she won't be...
  12. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Fighter SA rework discussion

    4.3 is finally on the horizon. So let’s talk about all the exiting new fighter buffs that are sure to be announced in the coming days. Painwheel- Blood drive So now that Blood drive’s new SA has been announced how do we feel about it? Her old SA: Transfusion 1: 5% chance on hit to inflict...
  13. Art3mes

    Is blood drive really bad?

    People never talk about blood drive. Is it really not worth anyone's time? I know putting heavy bleed on opponent and bleed on yourself is a pain, but is she still useless? I think not. Cause I just defeated a 48k team accursed experiments with just my gold Blood Drive (8k), silver understudy...
  14. LCGamer

    Bug - Normal Neuromancer is still stealing bb meter

    Hi! I'll write in portuguese, this is my first language. Nas notas da penúltima atualização (4.1) foi citado que a Neuromancer não iria mais ganhar medidor bônus para os Blockbuster, porém desde a atualização 4.1.1 ela está ganhando, e isso vem me atrapalhando muito: várias vezes perdi uma...
  15. Nishcheta

    Characters Painwheel Flight Risk Suggestions

    Alright so, I hope I speak for the majority of us painwheel fans when I say that her flight risk, as it has been implemented in skullgirls mobile, is simply not up to par. Its double upward swipe activation is janky, and makes it impossible to flight risk when the enemy is close enough to you to...
  16. D

    Characters Blood Drive & Raw Nerv

    I think both painwheel need a litle buff. Blood Drive: Signature Ability 1 10% chance (instead of 5) on HIT to inflict BLEED on self and on opponent for 5/7/10 seconds (inflict a normal bleed for both figthers) Signature Ability 2 Gain 3/4/5 stacks of permanent ENRAGE when having 5 stacks of...
  17. NiceWinloord

    Characters Painwheel - Blood Drive abilities

    Hi, I have a suggestion for this character. Using her, almost everyone recognize this is a character with low potential for battles, because we can substitute her abilities for others (Heavy Bleed from Buzzkill and the Rage from many); and it's not effective to fight within you're killing...
  18. fanghoul

    Neuromancer Painwheel

    Link to Preview https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1184678329015648256?s=20 Name is the title of a book I don't know enough about to say anything more. Her SA appears to be INSANE, draining meter from her opponent when her attacks are blocked, and dealing damage to the back row fighters at...
  19. Meelo

    Bug - Normal Painwheel animation bug

    Hi, it all started with the 3.4 update, and managed to avoid the 3.4. 1 fix, cause you know painwheel, it's her way or the highway. Thanks in advance! Huawei y9, android 8.0.0
  20. B

    Bug - Normal Twisted mettle - extended combo not triggering

    I evolved a bronze "twisted mettle" to silver right after the update concluded and now her extended combo is unavailable even though it is still registered as purchased in her skill-tree. I did not see any changes to this fighter in the patch notes. Does anybody know what's going on with that?