• [2018/06/22]
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#palettes #skullgirls

  1. Gost_1Hunter


    Hello! Its my firts post. Its a fan-card with Marie.
  2. P

    bored so i made this

    rotting in my room help 💀
  3. Cellsai

    SG Custom Fighters

    2019 Edit: A lot of the initial post in this thread is wildly out of date, and there's newer better tools for making custom cards. I've moved most of the the original post into Spoilers. Here's where you can make custom palettes for any of the cast: https://sgmpalette.netlify.com/ Here's...
  4. SerperiorRose

    First Post

    Hey, gang I'm new to the forums so I hope to make some new friends. I'm a fan of SG2E and SGM and if there's on thing I love it's making palettes :D. Here some of the Palettes designs I've made. Robo as Beats (palette based off his future design) from jet set radio Cerebella as Four Arms from...