• [2018/06/22]
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  1. albert2417

    Resolved Timeless Hero Prestige Ability Issue

    Timeless Hero Annie’s prestige ability does not work properly. If her signature ability kicks in and unlimited Star Power meter is achieved then her prestige ability will never charge, no matter how much Star Power attacks you use. However, if you use up some Star Power meter before the...
  2. Narunan

    Other [RUS] Престиж/Коллекция и Фильтр/Уровень/Перезапуск кампании и "Быстрая игра"

    1. Престиж - Почему престиж не переносится ведь я должен получить не 2 престижа а 8 т.к. использовал оригинальный дубль. (Скриншот 1 - 6 уровень престижа и при развитии "Филии" до ранга "Золото" я должен по факту получить 8 престижа а не 2) 2. Коллекция сделана неудобно, фильтр должен быть -...
  3. B

    Characters Oh Mai Prestige

    Since Valentine - Oh Mai is available exclusively from the daily relic 1% of the time, or once a year during february’s prize fight, it’s much harder to get dupes of her than other silvers. Because of this I think it would be more fair if sacrificing Oh Mais for her prestige ability gave extra...
  4. Queenalicd42

    Bug - Normal Squiggly prestige ability bug

    I was just playing squiggly love crafted and fighting against a valentine. She used forbidden procedure to revive peacock while my prestige ability was active. I thought her prestige prevented this? Is this a bug or is it only certain types of revive that are blocked?