• [2018/06/22]
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  1. threePwny

    To evolve or not to evolve?

    So I've got two level 40 silvers, Oh Mai Valentine and Big Top Cerebella, each with maxed stats (except the cooldowns, but whatever), and I'm wondering if I should evolve them now or wait. I've evolved a couple bronzes to silver, and each time I leveled my sacrifices to 30 to milk out the skill...
  2. Shadowmaster757

    Bug - Normal Error: 1 Loss of Rewards

    I have encountered this bug twice while fighting in the Painwheel Orgin Story on Expert Mode. What happens is after completing a fight, when the results screen would appear at the bottom of the screen would appear Error: 1 along with the text "There was an error communicating with the server...
  3. fatfursatan

    Other Daily Events for Gaining Experience & Gold

    The loading screen tips recommend using Prize Fight to grind. However, as the difficulty steadily increases, it's actually a TERRIBLE place to grind up low-level fighters. Many mobile games have once-a-day/high-energy daily events for gaining experience through drops of unusable/bad characters...