• [2018/06/22]
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relic missing

  1. M

    Bug - Normal Relic bug

    Ingame username: MxtrWasTaken Ingame id: 39k5-b664z Phone: Huawei Y7 2019 Hello, I will tell you how I stumbled into this glitch while trying to buy a Premiere relic (11 characters), I was in the relic store and I had an thought "Hm.. I need to buy 11 relics so i could buy them and then when I...
  2. A

    Bug - Normal Didn't receive escense

    I just converted a heavy handed to get a new diamond fighter, I had 76 diamond escense from all the new relics, converted the heavy handed and it didn't go up. How can I get diamond escense or the heavy handed back?
  3. Q

    Other My relic is gone

    While opening the 10+1 relic from my christmas gift, my smartphone has a connection error, i log out and back in but the relic is gone, help. I'm not good at English so I used google translate My id: 3wqp-ctlzi Name in game: DieNoMercy
  4. duriyelle

    Other Where my theonite ✨

    I bought a relic for 100 theonite, the operation went through, there is no relic. Crystals are not returned.
  5. M

    Bug - Normal Relics keep disappearing

    I play on an Android device with the version 11. Sometimes when i open relics an error appears that i do not fully remember but it started with "Beep boop.", i think it showed somekind of connection error and doesn't let me open the relic. When i exit the game and open it back again the relic is...
  6. M

    Bug - Normal My last 3 Spooky relics disappeared.

    My last three spooky relics have disappeared after the game told me I couldn't open them because there was a server issue. So I waited to be able to open them back later but when I opened the game again they were all gone. So I checked my roster to see if maybe something happened and I have new...
  7. C

    Bug - Crash I lost 5000 theonites

    Hello! Today, few minutes ago, I bought Jackpot Annie relics for 5000 theonites (keep in mind that collected them WHOLE YEAR). When i bought these relics, my game crashed, i came back... I didnt have 5000 theo. Cool. But didnt have any jackpots. NOT COOL. I even reinstalled game but it did...
  8. J

    Bug - Normal Reliquias (10+1)

    Tenía 9906 teonitas y luego gasté 5000 teonitas en la nueva reliquia (reliquia de lotería cósmica 10+1). Cerré el juego por error y al volver a abrirlo no obtuve las 10+1 reliquias. Además se me descontó las 5000 teonitas. Quisiera que me pudieran devolver las 5000 teonitas o darme las reliquias...
  9. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Missing Relics

    Hi guys off of I think it was yesterday where I lost the gold key & the 40,000 coins (naturally it did apply the skill on reboot with the 40k) I've now had 2 relics get lost in a void when trying to open them? It done a signal error again even know theirs nothing wrong with the signal at all...