• [2018/06/22]
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rift ranking

  1. P90RUSHBee

    Fights Last (3)hour rift grinding should be fixed

    ( Just a heads up, before I start, English is not my native language so please forgive my sh**ty grammar >_< ) This problem has been inside of my chest for a while and I finally want to talk about it today. So... as we all know SGM has a diverse player basis which means that different players...
  2. bilinos

    Other We should be able to see our position in prize fights and rift battles before it ends

    It would be much better since we can just see our position and rest at ease knowing we will get the prize we want. I don't see a reason to not see our ranking, so why not?
  3. H

    Bug - Normal Rift Ranking Displayed incorrectly

    So while I was in game chat (Channel 0) my rift ranking was displayed incorrectly while looking at my profile. Not sure what caused this but it was visible to others as well. Wasn't sure how to prove my ranking other than taking screenshots of it displayed wrong in chat vs. actual ranking. My...