• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Randomizer

    Fights A few other suggestions and QoL improvements for Rift battles

    Now that my post about catalysts is finally finished, I’d like to share a few more thoughts that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. This will be my final piece of feedback about Rift battles. Some of the ideas below have already been discussed here in one way or another, but I figured I’d still...
  2. Randomizer

    Fights [Rift battles] A big overview of all catalysts and the current meta. Catalyst tier list and my suggestions for buffs & reworks.

    [Note: this post was written before the changes to defender and attacker diversity. While they have made rifts much healthier, fairer, and more diverse, the core issues I’m going to discuss here remain unresolved. I took a break before posting this to observe if any major changes take place, but...
  3. Randomizer

    Fights If defender diversity returns, attacker diversity should be introduced as well

    There are many amazing things in this year’s road map, and potential rift changes with defender diversity possibly coming back is one of them. I’m sure this would be a much anticipated change for anyone who knows what the top bases have been turning into over the past year. However, I’m afraid...
  4. Killem

    Other Rift icon status suggestion

    "The colour behind the rifts changes when a match is started. Yellow when started and not finished or when the other guy fought too. And red when its completed." Ex: These images
  5. Killem

    Other Suggestions: Rifts, Scroller, PainW, Dom

    •A way to cancel matchmaking for rifts. •^^^or instead of that, given a red ticket after certain amount of times of not being able to find a match. •A scroller to make scrolling through units easier. •Painwheel using special moves out of flight hazard. •It's also a bit unexpected that the word...
  6. Lulero

    Other Rifts rewards

    Hi, a simple feedback that took me long enough to narrow. Some facts first, if you want Diamond Keys: Get ranked top 200 in rifts for 1 per week, top 50 for 2. 10% per week from accursed experiment 1m canopies/1.250k rift coins for 1, i.e. $30 for 3 at best rate Spending money certainly can...