• [2018/06/22]
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Fights A few other suggestions and QoL improvements for Rift battles


Apr 28, 2020
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Now that my post about catalysts is finally finished, I’d like to share a few more thoughts that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. This will be my final piece of feedback about Rift battles. Some of the ideas below have already been discussed here in one way or another, but I figured I’d still include them for the full picture.

Modifiers. They play a key part in the process of designing one’s base and give lots of room for creativity, leaving it up to the player to find the perfect synergy. While some are generally more challenging than others, I find it a little unfortunate that we only have a fixed set of modifiers for each week that never changes. I think having more variety here would make it much more fun to design your base and to fight those of others. It could come in different forms: a larger pool of modifiers for each week that rotate randomly, a shared pool of modifiers for all weeks that results in a completely randomized set of nodes for every week, a particular set of modifiers (perhaps, randomized as well) given to players every week so that they can choose a few they like the most and place them around the map like catalysts etc. Perhaps, there might be a need for some restrictions, like preventing solo nodes from getting modifiers they can’t use or making sure element-themed bosses stay in place (although, perhaps, for the sake of variety, each element could use an additional modifier or two as well), but generally I think it’s something that could definitely work and bring positive changes.

Saving base layout. This suggestion kind of goes against the previous one, but if modifiers remain the way they are now, I think it would be really nice to be able to save the map layout with all of the defenders and catalysts in place for every separate week. The way things are right now, you have to manually rearrange your base every time a new week starts. But if you already know where you want all of your defenders to be depending on the modifiers, I think it would make sense if, for example, at the beginning of Water week, the game loaded up your Rift base from the previous Water week as opposed to the Dark week that just ended.

Locking in defenders with their move sets. There are often cases when you want to (or simply don’t have other choices but to) use some of the defenders you have on your base as attackers. This results in a dilemma: you want them to be equipped with defensive moves on defense, but can’t use them with the same moves on attack, always having to juggle between the sets. For example, when it comes to Rifts, you end up having to pick the said fighter, unequip the defensive set, equip the one you need for attack, use the fighter once, unequip the set for attack and equip the defensive set again. And if you forget to do it (especially if you just want to use the fighter outside of Rifts), you might just get attacked in the meantime, and your opponent will have an easier time. Being able to avoid all of this by having the game take a snapshot of your defenders with their move sets when you save your base would go a long way.

Measures against last-minute attacks. I have yet to see somebody who wouldn’t mind getting attacked right at the end of the season. It’s very frustrating to have points taken away from you without a chance for a revenge, especially if it’s a score you know you can beat. It’s something that also feels bad to do to others, but at the same time it’s a very reliable way to get a guaranteed boost at the end of the season in hopes of a better rank. I think that there really needs to be some sort of a system in place to prevent such attacks. One solution a can think of is to reserve the last hour (or more) of the Rift season for revenges only. I think this could also make everyone’s final push more interesting as you’ll be forced to choose whether you play it safe and hope for the best or go all out and try to revenge some risky scores.

A new rank(s) for finishing the season in the top 10. Now that the D1 range has been expanded, the gap between this rank and the top 3 became enormous. I think a Top 10 rank would bridge it perfectly for a few reasons. First, such a gap makes things difficult for new D1 players who want to reach new heights since top 3 is insanely competitive in comparison with D1. I think having an opportunity to get your first top 10 after finally achieving D1 would be much more motivating than aiming for top 3, since the latter might seem completely unattainable. It would also give old-time D1 players an incentive to try harder, continue to improve and put in more effort for the higher rank, since top 3 requires so much effort and dedication that it can be a little demotivating to fight for, often feeling like it’s not worth it. On the other hand, since the competition for top 3 is intense, it’s bound to be pretty disheartening for those who fail to get it despite trying really hard to end up in the same top 100 rank as others who didn’t put in nearly as much effort. Finally, I think it would just kind of make sense in the grand scheme of things, since PFs also have a special reward for finishing in the top 10.

Being able to see the opponent’s score on every node in your defense history. While the total score and the fighters used on every node give you a general idea of what might have worked well or gone wrong on your base, you can’t really tell for sure which nodes were challenging and which ended up being too easy judging by the overall score. Being able to know how much your opponent scored on each of your nodes would be a perfect way to find out what could be improved and make your base more challenging over time through trial and error.

A warning about missing moves before going into a fight. If you’ve never started a fight only to realize that the fighter you picked doesn’t have any moves equipped, you’ve never truly played Rift battles. I think this happens to everyone and it’s always painful. Now that we also have loadouts, it’s easier than ever to forget that you striped a fighter of their moves at some point before. It would be great if the game gave you a warning that one of your fighters has moves missing when you press the ‘fight’ button (even one missing move can make all the difference). Perhaps, the same warning could he applied to defenders when you’re saving changes on a node in your base with one of the fighters missing moves.

That is all I’ve got. If anyone has any other suggestions on their mind, please don’t hesitate to leave them here!