• [2018/06/22]
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rift battles

  1. Randomizer

    Fights A few other suggestions and QoL improvements for Rift battles

    Now that my post about catalysts is finally finished, I’d like to share a few more thoughts that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. This will be my final piece of feedback about Rift battles. Some of the ideas below have already been discussed here in one way or another, but I figured I’d still...
  2. Randomizer

    Fights [Rift battles] A big overview of all catalysts and the current meta. Catalyst tier list and my suggestions for buffs & reworks.

    [Note: this post was written before the changes to defender and attacker diversity. While they have made rifts much healthier, fairer, and more diverse, the core issues I’m going to discuss here remain unresolved. I took a break before posting this to observe if any major changes take place, but...
  3. Randomizer

    Fights If defender diversity returns, attacker diversity should be introduced as well

    There are many amazing things in this year’s road map, and potential rift changes with defender diversity possibly coming back is one of them. I’m sure this would be a much anticipated change for anyone who knows what the top bases have been turning into over the past year. However, I’m afraid...
  4. Derpy

    Bug - Normal Inconsistency in rift battle

    5/19/2021 Hello I want to report this bug it is somewhat annoying that my rift battle from last week is attacked I always changed my gap node characters on Mondays
  5. Mornedil

    Probably not how we're intended to play Rift Battles

    A big reward from playing rifts are those much useful rift coins. And since the coins we gain from each battle scales with our win streak, longer streaks mean more coins! But, keeping a streak gets harder and harder the higher our rift rating is... So players have developed the strategy of...
  6. M

    Fights Rift Base test mode

    Hoping to get the attention of devs and see if any other players agree that it'd be an excellent feature to test your own rift base. The ability to equip your characters and catalysts to one of your Rift nodes would be well accompanied by the ability to then play against that node with other...
  7. DrakeFarve

    Bug - Normal Hacker in Rift Battles

    It seems very strange to me that this player with my level and its variants has managed to score so high, being that 14K points is something quite unreal, even against my defense, I would like you to review this user's account, the username is billbillbilllbill, greetings.
  8. z3r0d34th7

    pre-filled rift battles

    Hi, Since now rift battle modifiers change weekly, based on the " element type", couldn't we save a setup for each element, instead of having to change the setup each monday? That would make it way better imho...
  9. NiPlUs

    Bug - Normal Bug in rift battles

    Found a bug in rift battles. When I was trained in how to create a base, I decided to go out after the dialogue and create a base later. Now when I go into rift battles, they offer me to create a base, but the "my base" button is not pressed and only the "back" and "claim" buttons work.
  10. DarkFrozenKost

    Bug - Normal The counter for completed rift battles doesn't update

    I have completed three rift battles this week, but the counter still at 0/5 min battles completed. I completed the battles after the update to 4.2 Device: moto g6, running Android 9.0
  11. Deeves

    Fights Rift Move Set Lock

    Hello devs / everyone, Is there a way that the moves I set in Rift remains the same even if I change my MOVE SET when I fight outside of Rift? I know the moves are locked whenever you start searching for some opponent in Rift but, after the Rift battle, I would eventually change the moves I...
  12. R

    Bug - Normal Blockbuster meter/second causing the game to lag during fights

    Earlier, I was fighting a Triple Bella with Frost Armor on the boss node in rifts, i used Doublicious against it and when I rolled Fire on transmutation, the fight suddenly became laggy. I had reported before on the Discord server about my game becoming laggy when using Toad Warrior and I think...
  13. R

    Other Make Rising Temperatures a defensive catalyst

    Frost Armor, High Waters, Into Thin Air, Dark Nut, Lightweight, and Last Words. All these catalyst provides a defensive capabilty for fighters within their respective elements. Meanwhile, Fire elements have catalyst that provides Enrage for an additional offensive power which could be good, but...
  14. Tsukiakari

    Question and ask for advice about Rift

    To be specify, I'm Tsukiakari lv67 and I start Rifting a week ago, I can smoothly do Rift and match with people with relative strength. But Today I met a opponent at lv63, I can clearly his every other nodes fairly easy (tbh a little bit too easy) until I got to his boss node. That's Wither...
  15. BallotBoxer

    Bug - Normal Infinite Searching for Opponent in The Rift

    This glitch makes me want to scream like a Painwheel Hatred Install. Instead of offering to find another opponent after 5 minutes expiring, the timer is stuck on all zeroes: Got to My Base (can't edit the nodes, only inspect them) or Home or go fight in any other mode, upon return I get the...
  16. Manowar

    Fights Rift Battles moving forward

    So with versus coming out shortly it seems I’m left wondering about the future of rift battles as a mode. Is it going to continue to get attention? Changes to the meta, new catalysts etc. It really is a great game mode. My hope for it going forwards would be a shake up to the Meta. As things...
  17. 2nd

    Collection Small suggestion: change the color of maxed out stats

    This would help new players understand that there are limits, and for late game players, would aid in swapping moves between characters for rift battles. Example:
  18. Otorimasu

    Fights Rift Battles Aren't Very Winnable at Most Times

    I'm not very sure what the specifics are on how the matchmaking works, whether if it's only based on rift rating or something else. Though, I am sure enough to say that the rift battles have been pretty unfair to me, point-wise. I'm level 37 with two fighters of the points 4.4k and 3.2k, the...
  19. Kevin Pepino

    Luger Replica counts as a Blockbuster hit

    Well, the title says pretty much all there is to explain actually. As we all know, Luger Replica is one of the least favorite Special Move attacks for Double, given that it can't combo as well as Cilia Slide, Bogus Buzzard and Hornet Bomber. I mean you can still get some decent combos with it...
  20. TraiP

    Other Rift Matchmaking in 3.3.0

    Overall 3.3.0 was a great update in all aspects of the game!! (despite the bugs) But i made this thread to nag a bit about the rift matchmaking. Overall I get pretty decent and even matches BUT at least once-twice a week I get the extremely unbalanced matches where the whole collections is made...