• [2018/06/22]
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rift battles

  1. B

    Rift score reset ruined diamond and gold 1 rank

    So since they implemented the rift score reset to 2000 high rank has turned into a shitshow where gold 1 players keep getting matched against diamond 1. I do understand the reason for the reset, avoiding huge point gaps between top players, but the reset have only made fights compleatly unfair...
  2. B

    Other Take rank into account for rift matchmaking

    Now that everyone that was over 2000 score gets reset to 2000 at start pf every season I think last season rank should be taken into account for matchmaking so things like the following don't happen
  3. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Rift Rating Drop

    Yesterday (01/10/2019) I won a rift battle, and my rift rating went to something between 1390-1397. Today I noticed it is 1377 and I didn't play any battles. I would like to have a print to show my number of battles and streak to compare, but I couldn't imagine that my rating would drop for no...
  4. B

    Other Rift battles boss node with light and dark

    So my main problem is that light and dark do not count as disadvantage against each other, making them impossible to counter in the boss node of the rift fight. Light and Dark should count as disadvantage against each other or the modifier changed to "when on elemental advantage reflect all...