• [2018/06/22]
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Luger Replica counts as a Blockbuster hit

Kevin Pepino

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Mar 25, 2019
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Well, the title says pretty much all there is to explain actually.

As we all know, Luger Replica is one of the least favorite Special Move attacks for Double, given that it can't combo as well as Cilia Slide, Bogus Buzzard and Hornet Bomber. I mean you can still get some decent combos with it every now and then, the most basic being [L5]->[Cilia]->[Luger], but it's not as reliable as the other two (even though it has 1% chance of stun).

But anywho, like I said before, attacking with it is regarded as a Blockbuster hit, but why? Isn't it a Special Move? Well it's very likely that the bullet from Luger has a similar value to that of the Gun Blades bullet, ergo landing as a Blockbuster hit, but without fully counting as one.

The question is: what advantages does this bug* present?

Rift battles. Let's start with the obvious. Given its effect, you could finish off an opponent with the Luger and still be rewarded with the 100 bonus points for Blockbuster finish. It also results unaffected by Catalysts such as Blockbusted, Into Thin Air and Final Fight, which is convenient in most cases I guess.

Other added bonuses: since it's not an actual Blockbuster, it bypasses several Blockbuster destruction tools whether be Disable, Wither and Power Surge; it also ignores Unflinching but it's rather situational, though one good way to use it is to interrupt the unblockable tag-ins from the Inertia node.

The drawback, other than low combo capability, would probably be that it could be affected by Disable Specials, but nobody really uses that because they choose to focus on Blockbusters instead, and for good reason. That and taking a somewhat big hit by Claw and Order.

Either way I hope this trick is somewhat useful to you guys. It always helps me big time on rifts, not gonna lie.

*Not fully sure if it's a bug or intentional. I would assume the 2nd option more, given that it's been on multiple versions and it wasn't patched, but that's speculation only.