• [2018/06/22]
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  1. F

    Will I lose the shiny attribute?

    So, I have a shiny Epic Sax (naturally Gold) that I've evolved to Diamond. I recently got another shiny Epic Sax which I then tried to use to power up my shiny Diamond Epic Sax for prestige but got this message. Can't make complete sense of it. Will the shiny attribute of my evolved shiny Epic...
  2. E

    Question about Duplicate Shinies - Power Up Shiny with Another Shiny

    Hello. I am new to this forum. I read the Rules and Guidelines and I think this thread belongs here. If I am mistaken, I am sorry, and I will post it in the correct subforum. I got 2 Shiny "In Denile" Elizas. One is already a Shiny Diamond, the other is a Shiny Bronze. When I tried to sacrifice...
  3. BallotBoxer

    Invisible Shiny Experience Points

    It was Parasoul's birthday and I believe opening character relics 4x at a time causes a luck boost Oh no, the only thing being boosted here is my confirmation bias 😲 Anyway, this thread's focus is on invisible (?), SHINY experience points. As we all know, SHINY fighters were introduced in...
  4. B

    Characters Merge Shiny to established character

    Needs a feature to merge a Shiny Character with an identical character that's been leveled up, evolved, etc. to transfer the Shiny to the established character. (or transfer the exp., evolutions, etc. to the Shiny)
  5. Ink072703

    shiny chances?

    Is there an actual number percentage for shiny chances? This may be known and I'm just and idiot but I've never actually seen any sort of numbers floating around for shinies. I'm aware that the higher the rarity fighter, the greater chance it has to be shiny- but it never says the actual %...
  6. BallotBoxer

    The SHINY Siren Song

    (excellent artwork taken from Skullgirls Mobile twitter, here and here, probably done by @Sairus ) For those with a lightning-strike level of luck who got a SHINY, I'm curious about what you did with it. Did you instantly jump to shiny transfer to reap in a ton of bonus XP to super-boost a...