• [2018/06/22]
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  1. K

    Bug - Normal I bought teonite, and the game didn't give it to me

    I bought $19.99 of teonite, and the game said than the payment was not processed, and I can't sign in
  2. E

    Bug - Normal I cant access the shop

    I play Skullgirls Mobile and i cant seem to access the shop no matter what i do. Is there any limitations? Please help me!
  3. S

    Other Special Moves and Blockbusters

    As it currently stands, it's a pretty tedious process to get new moves after you've completed the story mode. What I'm suggesting is that selling moves should also drop 'move shards' that work as a currency towards a shop that sells moves. This would allow players with unwanted moves get the...
  4. Ryouhi

    Other Wishlist for the Shop (more things to spend theonite on)

    Hey there, with this thread i want to collect a bunch of suggestions for the Skullgirls Mobile store in one place, because i personally feel it is rather lacking, since the only thing you can buy with theonite is relics. And once you have all your favorite Fighter variants, there's not much...