• [2018/06/22]
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Other Special Moves and Blockbusters


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Jan 30, 2018
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As it currently stands, it's a pretty tedious process to get new moves after you've completed the story mode.

What I'm suggesting is that selling moves should also drop 'move shards' that work as a currency towards a shop that sells moves. This would allow players with unwanted moves get the ones they want by saving up.

Alternatively, moves could be sold for canopy coins, and selling moves could stay the same.
Eh, I disagree. In the year I've been playing, I never once have spent theonite on Move Relics. Sure, for awhile I had to deal with using Bronze and Silver moves, but that's the nature of the game. You slowly build up your move and character collections, but once you get 1 really good fighter, it becomes alot easier. Between the 2 PFs every week that grant move relic rewards, and the daily events, there is a slow but steady way of getting moves. If you're still new to the game, I'd suggest doing every level of difficulty you have time for with the daily events (don't just do Expert/Master, do Basic and Advanced, too).

I guess making Move Relics available for Canopy Coins wouldn't be the worst thing, though I'd expect the price to be quite high for balancing purposes. The "move shard" idea though, I'm more against; I really don't want even more currencies added to the game. Adding the elemental essences/shards was irksome enough.
I have a set of maxed/nearly maxed fighters waiting for elemental essences; it's not the issue of quantity, but the specific move that a person wants. It's annoying to have to continually grind for moves you don't even want in the end, once you're at a point that you're optimizing for move stats.

Ex; I have tons of Parasoul moves, but I'm trying to get the new napalm detonate special.
I think your modifiers have gotten out of hand at times makes it hard to enjoy the game. I get you guys want to make this game challenging but not everyone is a try hard. At first I let Some of them go but this catatonia is my last straw. I enjoy the game but I want to put it down for weeks on end at times due to frustration of these ridiculous modifiers. Won’t lie the modifiers were a nice touch at first but after a while some of the stuff just feels like you guys were thinking of a way to infuriate players.