• [2018/06/22]
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  1. MAjOmneQ

    Currency Optimization Guidance ?

    From my understanding so far : Canopy Coins GAIN > Prize Fights > Sunday Event ! Medici Heist SPEND > Cabinet of Curiosities ! Relics & Keys Experience Points GAIN > Carry under-leveled Fighters w/ your most powerful Fighters wherever possible > Prize Fights > Story SPEND > Bronze ? Bad Hair...
  2. S

    Other Special Moves and Blockbusters

    As it currently stands, it's a pretty tedious process to get new moves after you've completed the story mode. What I'm suggesting is that selling moves should also drop 'move shards' that work as a currency towards a shop that sells moves. This would allow players with unwanted moves get the...
  3. Phoebeluvv

    Bug - Normal Lost currency and relics after relic purchase

    : Iphone 8 Hey, sorry to bother you guys but I encountered a bug of some sort or maybe I shouldnt have closed out the game but I wanted to make people aware of this. I JUST used 1,500 Theonite to purchase 11 double relics for the events today and after I made the purchase I did not want to open...