• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Collection Please add more move storage.

    The devs keep adding new characters, which is great. But haven’t expanded the move storage space. Half my gameplay time at this point is sorting & deleting moves. Before I can open new relics or do any normal gameplay I have to open my move storage & delete move. It’s extremely annoying. I once...
  2. A

    Move stats re-roll

    I’ll cut to the chase-id like to know if re-rolling a moves stats will be added soon. By re-rolling I mean if a level 12 move has rolled badly on stats, by re-rolling, the move remains at level 12 but the stat distribution will be randomly assigned again. I want a good load out and that means I...
  3. Scorialimit

    Staple moves for each fighter

    We don't have an updated move tier list, but I never liked the move tier list since it doesn't explain what the moves do and they're awkward to compare. So instead, I made a list of staple moves, or moves that you would want to have around. They're not necessarily the best moves in all cases...
  4. Izarck

    Collection Sets Mechanism

    SETs MECHANISM It is a suggestion that allows us to define sets of five movements or less, in order to equip variants in an optimal, efficient and above all fast way. (especially in PF) Example this is the vision of my suggestion. - 2 or 3 sets at the start for each unique character...
  5. Codlugarthia

    Shinies Everywhere

    Hi, Not my place to ask for new things for the game because it's fab and I know you guys work so hard to keep it that way. :) But it occured to me that everyone loves wholesome shiny goodies. So...... How about adding those rare shinies to the roster for moves and catalysts following the same...
  6. Kutaphone

    2 types of moves?

    Hello, I was looking for good guides or forum threads on that - but I can't find any good description on how the moves work. What's the difference between those moves in a circle and the ones on a movie film? What's special move and a blockbuster move? Is every equippable move a blockbuster...
  7. Dynwll

    Other A Few Suggestions I Have.

    Ello I'm just gonna list the suggestions that I have in mind for each gamemode (if there's any) with explanations and expectations for their possibility/feasibility (ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 being no chance of happening). There's a high chance that some of these points have been said before...
  8. Scorialimit

    We made a damage ratio spreadsheet, thanks to your help!

    As the title says, I'm gathering data on the damage every single fighter in the game does! But there's a lot of fighters and even more moves! It would take ages for me to find every single one. So, I'd like to ask anyone with some time and moves to help me look for these damage values. I'll be...
  9. Art3mes

    Collection Automatic Bronze 'n' Silver moves seller

    You know what I mean. You know what I want. You know how much time it'll save. You know everything. So a small button in the Collection's menu, which upon tapping, will sell all bronze and silver moves, will be very efficient.
  10. Scorialimit

    [Guide] Show Me ya Moves: Move Stats and Which To Invest In

    Note: order within tiers are alphabetical A prelude about Accuracy: With all that out of the way, let's get to the main event: Offense: SS: Atk% S: Meter Gain Piercing A+: Crit Damage Crit Rate Special Cooldown A: Defense Element Bonus HP% B: Block Proficiency Crit Resist Resistance...
  11. Deeves

    Fights Rift Move Set Lock

    Hello devs / everyone, Is there a way that the moves I set in Rift remains the same even if I change my MOVE SET when I fight outside of Rift? I know the moves are locked whenever you start searching for some opponent in Rift but, after the Rift battle, I would eventually change the moves I...
  12. Rudølf

    Fights Instant Move Cooldown For Training

    Hey, shouldn't it make sense if in training mode, our moves are instantly refreshed after use? I mean—there's not much to do there other than anything move-or-combo-related, soooo... I thought it makes sense if we get to practice combos more conveniently. Let me know what you guys think. :3
  13. Kunagai

    Collection Auto-selling system

    Hello, I'm new here, and I would be glad to help and try to give suggestions that I believe could be relevant at reducing time consuming tasks such as regularly selling moves. I thought that it would be interesting to have an option that could convert automatically bronze and silver moves to...
  14. G

    Collection Moves page modification

    Hi, I don't know if I'm the only one, but I think a modification on the "Moves gallery" would be pretty cool. As it is right now, it's very tedious to check the stats of your moves when you want clean it or see what you actually have. It would be really useful if the move "list" was smaller...
  15. 2nd

    Collection Add descriptions to moves in-game

    I often see new players in chat confused about what certain moves do, and I was too when I first started. Some moves that come to mind are Flesh Step, Center Stage, and Vial Hazard. Some confused players I saw in chat:
  16. P

    Collection (Minor suggestion) Difficulty equipping moves and blockbusters

    Since this new update, I found it really hard trying to select a move and equip it to my fighter, since my taps only make the character fight rather than highlight the move I was just trying to view the stats of. If you could disable the ability to control your character by interacting with the...
  17. Bannou Neko

    Collection Quick sell button when open move relics

    When I open 10 move relics, I have no idea what I got! it didn't show any information about the move, and you can only see the details on move collection it is hard to track all the move when you open it I have 2 suggestions might help to organized moves in collection 1.(sample.jpg) when open...
  18. Catotoro

    Bug - Normal Minor Visual Bug when Selling Moves

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 Software: Android Version 8.0.0 Youtube video showcasing the bug: When selling moves in the Collection screen, there is a slight pause between "Confirming" to sell a move and when it is actually sold. During this brief period it is possible to select extra moves you...
  19. S

    Other More Intricate Training Mode

    Hey I've been playing Skullgirls Mobile for quite some time and was wondering if there was anything that could be done about the training mode. I don't really use training mode that often, only because I feel that it is kinda lackluster. Now, I don't expect Street Fighter V levels of intricacy...
  20. S

    Other Special Moves and Blockbusters

    As it currently stands, it's a pretty tedious process to get new moves after you've completed the story mode. What I'm suggesting is that selling moves should also drop 'move shards' that work as a currency towards a shop that sells moves. This would allow players with unwanted moves get the...