• [2018/06/22]
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Collection Please add more move storage.


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Jul 15, 2023
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The devs keep adding new characters, which is great. But haven’t expanded the move storage space. Half my gameplay time at this point is sorting & deleting moves. Before I can open new relics or do any normal gameplay I have to open my move storage & delete move. It’s extremely annoying. I once spent a full hour sorting through & deleted like 300. Only to have to do the same thing a week later. It’s so frustrating. 5000 moves would be a good limit. That way I don’t have to constantly read stats & delete things before opening my gameplay rewards.
agreed the move storage limit needs to be increased.
i too spend too much of my time deleting moves.
even got mines at the max of 2000 and it still doesn't feel like its remotely enough.
really i have no clue why there is even a limit to moves.
you are spending theonite a precious and valuable resource to increase your own slots.
if devs don't want to give free slots just remove the limit cap.
i cannot understand why there is even a cap.
like i really cannot understand at all.
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Small fix to help alleviate the pressure: an option to automatically sell bronze or silver moves
Play long enough, and one gets to the point where they will NEVER be needed
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