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We made a damage ratio spreadsheet, thanks to your help!


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Mar 30, 2018
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As the title says, I'm gathering data on the damage every single fighter in the game does! But there's a lot of fighters and even more moves! It would take ages for me to find every single one. So, I'd like to ask anyone with some time and moves to help me look for these damage values.

I'll be publishing a video hopefully today or tomorrow explaining the basics of damage ratios, but here's the absolute simplest rundown of how I find these values:

Every attack does a set % of a fighter's attack stat. Special moves and blockbusters also increase their damage based on move rarity and the number of boosts the move has gained. Moves gain a boost at level 6, 12, and 15. This boost is consistent with all previous levels. So if a move got a 10% damage boost at level 6, it'll get another 10% damage boost at 12, and again at 15.

For this spreadsheet I'm only looking for Gold moves, but just know Gold moves deal 25% more than silver moves, which do 25% more than bronze moves.

To find how much damage any hit does, just take the damage it inflicted and divide it by the fighter's attack stat (Dmg / attack). For multihit moves, do this for every hit and add up the results. If you want an example of how this looks, Fortune is currently completed

Here's the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HnPKDCrCi73n0lppFs_le7-Z_jJKU8ZZsq-5d7fhj-g/edit#gid=0

Here's where you come in: many fighters are missing their basic combo hits, their damage on some moves, and their total damage. I need people who have these moves in gold at level 0-5 and 6-11 to test their damage. If you don't want to do the math for the ratios, give me the numbers each hit of an attack did and the attack stat of your fighters, I can do the rest myself. **PLEASE DO NOT USE FIGHTERS WITH SIGNATURE ABILITIES THAT BOOST DAMAGE**, as these abilities are inconsistent and will make calculations much more annoying. Ideally don't use buffs or debuffs that boost damage either, but that one is more consistent and I can work around it if needed.

Training dummies are perfect for testing. They have high HP and no defense making getting accurate numbers easy.

Anybody can comment on any section of the spreadsheet, or you can leave a response here with the moves you checked. I'll update it as I have time.

Thank you to anybody who is willing to help out!
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I used training dummies. Those are fine? I have other moves (and chars) but I'm busy rn will update as I go grabbing numbers. Amazing job you've done there!

Beowulf, Cold Stones Lvl 30, 959+172 ATK (1131) Sorry, had a move at atk%.
L1: 170
L2: 227
L3: 170
L4: 170
L5: 283
Launcher: 340
J1: 227
J2: 340
J3: 566
D1: 566
D2: 566
Sweep: 566
Charge: 340, 566* Beowulf’s charge deals two hits.

Wulf Shoot
Lvl I: 1018
Lvl VI: 1075

Gigantic Arm
Lvl I: 1139 *-172 ATK. Here I switched the Lvl 6 that gave me the +172 ATK for none, so it was at 959.
Lvl VI: 1485

As %. I am not fully sure on certain of these, so I left the numbers above in case you wanna double check.

L1: 15%
L2: 20%
L3: 15%
L4: 15%
L5: 25%
Launcher: 30%
J1: 20%
J2: 30%
J3: 50%
D1: 50%
D2: 50%
Sweep: 50%
Charge: 30%, 50%* Beowulf’s charge deals two hits.

Wulf Shoot
Lvl I: 90%
Lvl VI: 95%

Gigantic Arm
Lvl I: 117%?? *-172 ATK. Here I switched the Lvl 6 that gave me the +172 ATK for none, so it was at 959.
Lvl VI: 131%? (1.31 times the atk dmg accordingto me)
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I used training dummies. Those are fine?

I forgot to mention this, but all AI fighters have no move stats from what I've tested so far (so they have no defense as a result). Since training dummies have a ton of HP and they don't fight back they're the best to test on. I'll add that part to the main post.

Thanks for your help!
Having been farting around in Peacock's Master Mode, that might also be a place to test some of these, seeing as I've had special attacks very consistently do the exact same 8,000 damage every time I use them for example. I think that's an artifact of the modifier fixing your attack at 5000.
Sorry to necro this thread after a year, but I wanted to report that the sheet is finally done! Every fighter should have every move that does damage listed, and I added a "how to read" guide on page 1.

Huge thanks to several people here and in the discord! This probably would've been an eternally unfinished project if I did it alone.

I still haven't made that video but I probably will soon, now that I actually have video editing software and a decent script to go off of. Gonna be a couple weeks at least though as I need to get good footage and whatnot.