• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Scorialimit

    We made a damage ratio spreadsheet, thanks to your help!

    As the title says, I'm gathering data on the damage every single fighter in the game does! But there's a lot of fighters and even more moves! It would take ages for me to find every single one. So, I'd like to ask anyone with some time and moves to help me look for these damage values. I'll be...
  2. LCGamer

    Bug - Normal Neuromancer is still stealing bb meter

    Hi! I'll write in portuguese, this is my first language. Nas notas da penúltima atualização (4.1) foi citado que a Neuromancer não iria mais ganhar medidor bônus para os Blockbuster, porém desde a atualização 4.1.1 ela está ganhando, e isso vem me atrapalhando muito: várias vezes perdi uma...
  3. K

    Fights reflected damage

    I used Painwheel on the treasure node in Painwheel's daily event, there is this modifier called Biofeedback that can reflect crit damage... oh well it would be hard. My enemies were Parasoul and Cerebella, don't remember their name. I killed Parasoul without too much problem, lose about 25% HP...
  4. R

    Other Cerebella Butt Slam Damage

    Alright, so I'm new to Skullgirls mobile, I've been playing for a bit, but I noticed something while I was messing around with Cerebella. I just got the Silver Butt Slam move and for some reason it's dealing less damage than my Bronze version. Am I missing something? The only difference is the...
  5. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal No hit damage being dealt in fights

    iPhone 6s iOS 10.3.3 Game version 1.4.1 I had seen this problem maybe twice before since the 1.4.1 update, but this was the first time it was one-sided. I've experienced fights where both fighters could not deal hit/throw damage to each other, and damage could only be dealt via bleed. These...