• [2018/06/22]
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Other A Few Suggestions I Have.


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Sep 25, 2020
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Ello I'm just gonna list the suggestions that I have in mind for each gamemode (if there's any) with explanations and expectations for their possibility/feasibility (ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 being no chance of happening). There's a high chance that some of these points have been said before but either way I'm gonna say them again.

1. Make All Character Daily Events Available Everyday (1)
Now I know this is a bit of an extreme suggestion but here me out. So the main reason for this is for an easier way to grind moves and maybe coins. For me in general doing these dailies and waiting a week for the character/s that I care about at the time feels like a chore. So if all characters were available everyday then it would be less of a hassle.
Now saying this they're probably going to have to change how things work if by somehow this gets in. Either by lowering the node amount per event ( maybe half; from 14 to 7), lowering the rewards for completion, going to 1 treasure node, etc. It's a sort of tug-'n-pull situation.
Back to the point,

2. A Rank Above Master (3)
More and better stuff to grind for, I got nothing else to say.

PRIZE FIGHTS this is for gold pf and above if any
1. A Higher Tier Than Gold (3)
I read a few forum posts that talked about this issue and I agree with them. All I ask for is that there is no restrictions for fighters, I want a more accessible place to grind variants and fodder for and a Diamond Tier PF seems like a great place for it.
I'm not sure about the rewards other than gold and diamond relic shards and keys.

2. More Milestones (4)
Same as above, previous posts mentioned adding more milestones since the current ones feel lacking. The 10th milestone stops at 1.78 million points but the the average of all 10% cutoff is somewhere around 22 million. That gap is massive and adding more rewards would be nice.

3. Better High Percentage Rewards (3)

In my eyes, there is no reason to ever go for Top 10 in character prize fights. All you get is for going the extra mile is another key, 1 more move and 40 more skillpoints and that doesn't seem to be worth the effort. I believe the benefits should be more, changed to what idk.
And to add on to this I think the number 1 position should have
its own rewards as well.
Now I know this suggestion is more for late late game players but I think it would a good change to have.

1. Have an incentive for PvP (5)
There is legit no reason to do PvP other than the daily "King of the Ring" theonite quest. Having a ladder system would fix this issue and add more stuff to do. Though I'm not sure how enjoyable this would be with everyone's (including my own) bad internet.

I imagine that the devs have something in mind for this as a future update so that's why it's a 5.

2. Being Able To Save Teams (2)
If the above becomes a reality, then saving teams would be a nice addition. Your set team will always be changing due to lack of energy, counter-pick, etc so being able to automatically set the team you want for PvP makes thing quicker in general.

I got none at the moment


I got none at the moment


1. Include A Blacklist To The (Left Side) Filter Options (5)
In the current filter options choosing some filter will only show variants that fit those requirements. I want the ability to exclude variants that fit those requirements instead as a sort of blacklist instead of a whitelist.
This to me seems like one of the more simpler things to add compared to the rest of the things I'm suggesting.

2. A Player's Market Of Moves (2)
Another wild suggestion. So I know trading variants of any sort would break this game, so how about instead of variants it's moves. Players would be able to trade/sell moves the don't want/need to other players. Players would then be able to search for specific set of stats in moves from the market and purchase them.
This seems like something massive to implement so I don't see something like this close to us anytime soon.


1. Being Able To Choose Who You Go Against (5)
I'm sure most of you have experienced finding a new combo or situation and wanted to lab to which characters it would/n't work on. This is just a quality of life addition.

1. Having A Default Channel (4)
I have the channel I always go to, being sent to another channel is minor annoyance so having a channel set as the default would be nice.


1. Some Items Needs To Be Recategorized (5)
1 I feel like that some of the items in the stash are in the wrong spot. Energy bottles should totally be in the consumables. Idk how I feel about keys, to me consumables seems a better label than currency.

Mission Control

1. More Accolades (5)
More stuff to aim for is always a good thing.


1. An Easier Way To Switch Accounts (2)
Some of us have a second account, but the only way I know of switching between the two is only by uninstalling then reinstalling the game. Please make a log out system.

Time for sleep so I'll be responding another time. I'll be making additions and edits if people have a better idea or I can think of something else to put in.


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Mar 15, 2020
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Here is another suggestion:
How about improving the "tips" given on the loading screen?
Also the character artworks can be updated too.
Anyway good job.