• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Collection new button in collection

    This suggestion is not really that good, but it would be very helpful if we could see the energy of the characters in "prize fights" mode by pressing a button that changes the color and state of the energy
  2. G

    Other Any ideas out here?

    I'll start with mine. First idea, is to make Panzerfaust playable, I'm not here for any boongas gameplay, I'm more here for Mortal Kombat cartoonish style fights, and honestly a bit disappointed. But Panzerfaust will make it work, imagine a 9 ft wall that doesn't fit in the screen coming at...
  3. BallotBoxer

    Other New Accolades

    Accolades were added in 4.3 (30 June 2020) nearly 2 years(!) ago. If you are like me, you happily achieved them all* in a few months. There should be more! Here are some suggested new accolades. Reply with your own ideas too! *well, maybe not all. Like 100% Match Challenges in Story Mode...
  4. NoiGS

    Fights Templates of team

    Hi there. I've been playing over more than a year (or maybe 2) And I noticed that it would be easier why to have a template system where you can store your favorite team ups. Let's say if I have a top team, a water team, a "farming" team, etc. In mind, is annoying to search in all the cards I...
  5. B

    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    I think a Single-Player Versus Mode would only make the fun game even more highly playable than it already is. This applies to both Competitive and Free for All. Especially given my experience with the multiplayer version we currently have, how hard it has personally been for me to find...
  6. Dynwll

    Other A Few Suggestions I Have.

    Ello I'm just gonna list the suggestions that I have in mind for each gamemode (if there's any) with explanations and expectations for their possibility/feasibility (ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 being no chance of happening). There's a high chance that some of these points have been said before...
  7. HerroNurse

    Other Quality of Life

    It's alot that want to suggest and probably many would want to agree on as well. I have here a list of things below I want to suggest for the game help new and old players enjoy the game more. [ Rift 2.0] "Clear Map" Button. [ Daily Events] Increase amount of Canopies given per node for...
  8. Nishcheta

    Other Competitive Mode Customization

    I was wondering if it can be made possible to customize your fighters in pvp competitive mode? Not with palettes, but, with things like the animations they play during match start. Voice quips at match start, or if you win. Being able to choose from all of those which already currently exist in...
  9. H

    Other A bunch of suggestions

    Hi folks! I am a Brazilian player who has been playing for about 2 years, I was about a year off but I came back. I love so much this game, I have the version on pc (2encore) and the mobile, of course. And i would like to share my thoughts about the game, maybe some ideias can make the game...
  10. R

    Other Resetting Marquee Abilities

    Let's say you finished upgrading the skill tree of that Silent Kill of yours and you choose Trauma Center for her Marquee Ability. Halfway through maxing it you found out that she could do better with ICU and now you're left with no choice but to spend skillpoints to swap her Marquee Abilities...
  11. G

    Fights New Character PF Tier

    Hello dear readers, I was thinking about a new character prize fight tier. As of now we have Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Tier I would like to suggest would be Diamond, it would have a new modifier, restrictions to only use diamonds and the rewards for milestones would be theo, coins, skill...
  12. Nochlosa

    Other Marie Raid Boss.

    This is a little idea that popped into my mind during a discussion about potential characters that we could play as in Skullgirls Mobile. You know how some mobile games, especially these RPG focused ones, often have community wide boss battles one could participate in to earn the whole community...
  13. M

    Other PT-BR Nitpicks Pt. IV

    Woah! I am, yet again, very glad that most of Pt. II's content happened. This update (3.4.0) has been amazing, really. I actually wasn't sure if I should attempt to do this again. I don't really want the devs to feel like there's always an issue and that this series of threads is endless. I...
  14. VictuTheNewb

    I don't think Painwheel's flight mode is useful in its current state.

    [Really long thread warning] This post will have two texts: the first describing my issues with Painwheel's character ability, Flight Risk, and the second with my suggestions to make it useful. Part 1 We all have fought a Painwheel in a Rift Battle or high streak prize fights. Many players...
  15. Erick Draves

    Collection Card Icons for better usser experience

    Following the post by https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/suggestion-about-card-protection-and-favorites.5402/ (Thanks CRX and SOLBOOM) I had an Idea, where we could use some special Icons to identify our favorite characters, the ones we want to raise, or the ones we would like to, well...
  16. Zuzuska

    Other Friend Requests

    Quick Suggestion. I'm hoping that a friend request feature is added to the chat. So that after adding someone, you can see what channel they are on, and be able to tell when they are also online at the same time.
  17. Dennis Aguilar

    Fights Please, return Prizefights with equal matches.

    I only ask to fight again with fighters with FS equal or similar to those of my fighters without having to climb those tedious steps of low FS. Why did you decide to change this combat mode when it was perfect? My strong fighters waste their energy in these types of staggered combats, starting...
  18. Dr Wang

    Other Total mayhem prize fight

    Is it possible that there could be a prize fight that BB can charge up really fast and SM could have no cool down? And the prizes are exp or other stuff, the problems with this that some characters would be to over powered with their move set.
  19. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Extra Costumes, Suits

    Hello Team Skullgirls !!! You know, I'd love for you to create some extra costumes to buy with either money or theonites, to change a bit the appearance of our favorite fighters. I would pay to change the suit to my fighters, and make them look more attractive. If you could color the fighters'...
  20. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Premium Days

    Hi dear team Skullgirls!!! Why do not you add premium days? I would like there to be premium days where your energy bars do not wear out that day, and I do not wait for my fighters to recharge. It is very annoying to wait for your fighters to recharge when you have a lot of free time to take...