• [2018/06/22]
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Other Any ideas out here?


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Jul 10, 2023
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I'll start with mine.

First idea, is to make Panzerfaust playable, I'm not here for any boongas gameplay, I'm more here for Mortal Kombat cartoonish style fights, and honestly a bit disappointed. But Panzerfaust will make it work, imagine a 9 ft wall that doesn't fit in the screen coming at you.

Second idea will seem too rough. It's Skullmetal(Opal) Characters.
Something like, better than diamond, you can't get them through gambling, only by merging any 3 diamond characters together to get one(33% chance to get character you used, can stack up if you use 2 or 3 same type characters, but the element will be random).
Description: characters from skullmetal category will have at max 100K power, they will have animation changes(like, if Big Band was more of a Steampunky version with all those gears moving, or the Painwheel that looks like Japanese samurai), that changes not only colors, but clothes and maybe facial features, or even sounds.
Second Description: Frame has bone white color with shade of darkish(element type) that has animation of moving from bottom right corner to the top left corner.

Third idea, is to focus on story mode above everything else. This game becomes kinda lame and boring after you finish everything, and bruh, Prize fights don't make much sense, because 10 lvl player can't get to the top 1-10, and top 1-10 already have best characters in the game so, why do they need to play any further? Prize fights feel like a scam to be honest, but people are blind.

And this space I will leave for the Developers and Players to complain about everything I said, and thus souls who do care and will add their own ideas, how to improve hype of the game(preferably, because I've played for 14 days and now I see same people in the chat).
Thank you!
To be honest, I appreciate censorship of the game. This game will lose their dark mask and they will reveal something like: Mortal Kombat, but story, mechanics, and characters are different, and there's a bunch of references. And I would prefer light side than the current one, and I hope that Devs will make a good choice, or they will get hardly pushed to it. Good things are being achieved by a difficult and hard path. By the way, people love 2 things, Achievements and Secrets. First makes people happy to achieve and tired to max out, second makes people extremely happy to find, but less happy if there's too much of them.

Have a gooat day