• [2018/06/22]
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  1. B

    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    I think a Single-Player Versus Mode would only make the fun game even more highly playable than it already is. This applies to both Competitive and Free for All. Especially given my experience with the multiplayer version we currently have, how hard it has personally been for me to find...
  2. You cant beat D

    Characters A Purposed "Adjustment" to Fukua Vaporwave Vixen's signature ability.

    This is a short (Ended up longer then I expected) point but I feel it should be known. Fukua: vaporwave vixen's signature ability is unlike any other in the game, but it's wording beholds a small problem. Signature ability 1 states: "After IDLING or WALKING for x second(s) without suffering a...
  3. CyborgN00dle

    Other Experience Bar

    My suggestion is to have a bar or something that shows the experience your character has, because every time i need to choose my characters I have to enter in the character status one by one just to see if he will levels up after the fight, is not a big issue but I think it will help a lot!!
  4. DugmoreThanDouglas

    Other A Few Suggestions I Have.

    Ello I'm just gonna list the suggestions that I have in mind for each gamemode (if there's any) with explanations and expectations for their possibility/feasibility (ranging from 1 to 5 with 1 being no chance of happening). There's a high chance that some of these points have been said before...
  5. L

    Characters A new character.

    Name: Susie Age: 19 years old Story: Susie worked in the elite of Princess Parasoul, in the kingdom of Canopy. However, when she learned that Parasoul would go after the Skullgirl, Susie decided to try to compete with her and even tried to rebel, but then she was expelled from the elite and she...
  6. A

    Other Ability to view fighter level in Deployments

    Deployments are a welcome addition to the game and they give quite a chunk of exp as well as rewards. To streamline the selection process, I would suggest that we are able to view the fighters' levels in order to make it easier and faster.
  7. R

    Characters Suggestion for Scarlet Viper's SA, because why not?

    I just had an idea for Scarlet Viper's SA change! Like how about she can convert all of her debuffs into enrage when entering sekhmet mode, but to make it balanced, maybe 50% or 75% chance on converting the debuffs? Making her a semi-bloodbath and in-denile??? I don't know, it's just my own...
  8. P4CTR4N

    Fights Grab Moves must have a Limit

    Hi Devs, hi SGM community. I can't believe what i saw when a player used "3 Wulf Shot" against a hard boss node, i mean, it's so ridiculous, it's like when the players used to abuse of the corners and defeated opponents easily with grabs, you call that play?? Only using that moves, then hype...
  9. Hall☆weenQueen

    Fights PF Boss battle suggestion

    What if we had a boss battle in PF where after a certain number of streaks (say every 30 or every 20) there would be an optional boss battle which would give you extra points if you win? I think Marie would be fun but I understand it would be difficult to make her work in mobile. Perhaps you...
  10. Animus66

    Other Threads for other languages

    Cheaters mainly or ones where they believe are. See to many posts on social networking, they post it there. Would do it myself but you know how it is even if I am okish with the translator.
  11. Dreaded Ghost

    Characters Dead Heat

    Dead Heat is not a fighter that's often used because of her risky SA. It's more of a struggle to get her SA 1to work because the players are risking themselves to take damage to force her SA to work in the match. My suggestions is to make her SA 1 to activate at below 50% health to make it...
  12. TraiP

    Other [Suggestion] New Character Daily Event

    As lot of you might have experienced the dailies are kinda repetitive and honestly feel outdated. I would like to suggest the addition of a new weekly event,based on the dailies. THE EVENT: Every week, following the order of the dailies,one character will have an extra daily with higher...
  13. Isoco3

    Collection Preset combination of moves.

    lots of people have the same issue, i have 3 diamond doubles, but i only have 1 combination of 5 moves worth using in the rift battle, every time i use one i need to change every move one by one and find each. I suggest you guys could create a "preset" option which i could save at least 3...
  14. 2nd

    Collection Change gift cap from 50 to 50 of each

    With the current system, players who play enough to reach the cap can find themselves in a situation where they cannot reciprocate a gold gift due to having 50 pink gifts and not being able to find any more. I propose that the two have caps separate from each other, so it doesn't feel like...
  15. G

    Fights New Character PF Tier

    Hello dear readers, I was thinking about a new character prize fight tier. As of now we have Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Tier I would like to suggest would be Diamond, it would have a new modifier, restrictions to only use diamonds and the rewards for milestones would be theo, coins, skill...
  16. Nochlosa

    Other Marie Raid Boss.

    This is a little idea that popped into my mind during a discussion about potential characters that we could play as in Skullgirls Mobile. You know how some mobile games, especially these RPG focused ones, often have community wide boss battles one could participate in to earn the whole community...
  17. AwsomeTheMyth

    (Suggestion) Master Daily Events Revamp

    As you know, its been a year since MASTER Difficulty of Daily Events showed up in Diamond Evolution Update, and looking at it now helped us evolving our favourite variants to Diamond Tier before the arrival of Natural Diamonds. Looking at Master Dailies right now, somehow doesn't live up to its...
  18. U

    A "Focused Fighter" category?

    Hello! I have a suggestion which I believe would make this game more fun to play, and I would love to hear your feedback! Suggestion: I believe that it would be a great addition to the game to have another self-chosen category, much like the heart-category, where you can mark the fighters you...
  19. qlimax

    Collection Setting Defensive Movesets

    Hi there, So what im suggesting here is a Quality of Life thing that will make the endgame in skullgirls alot easier for easier. It can be useful at any point in the game but youll get the most value out of it later in the game. So I'd like to state that some moves are alot better to have for...
  20. M

    Other Major Issues with the Game, Imo

    Alright so, I've been meaning to write this since June 17 morning, but the forum was down. Oops. I'm speaking for myself mostly, but I'm sure lots of others will be able to relate to this. TL;DR at the bottom. This will be organized in "Major changes" and "minor changes" (or nitpicks). I'll be...