• [2018/06/22]
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show me your moves

  1. Gamma Ray

    Resolved No Show Me Your Moves Rewards

    I don't know if anyone else had this issue but I have not received my rewards for the Show Me Your Moves Prize Fight. My score was well over the threshold so I am wondering if this is just a unperformed distribution. Phone: iPhone 6 Version: 11.3 (15E216)
  2. Renan Flippy

    Resolved Where's Show Me Your Moves PF?

    Today opening the game I see that the Prize Fight "Show me Your Moves" does not appear in the Prize Fights menu. Country: México
  3. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Sekhmet and the Show Me Your Moves PF

    I think the Show Me Your Moves PF is interesting. The new modifier that prevents standard attacks from causing damage is a novel idea and really changes up how you think about the fight. But, it doesn't feel unfair because both you and the opponent are affected. However, I've noticed...