• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SiruisSero

    Revamp some variants

    Which variants need a buff?
  2. KEND19


    Nuevo evento especial de Switchbats: ¡Switchbats Nuzlocke! ¡Este sábado 12 de agosto a las 6 pm Centro! Detalles en el discord👀👀 Discord: https://discord.gg/bbh2asx87N Regístrese: https://challonge.com/xyqpadmy
  3. R


    привет, я заметил ошибку в этой игре. Обычно карты персонажей имеют свои позы. а вот у Черного георгина карты "переносчик нечистой силы" есть баг, при котором ее лицо не видно, только нижняя часть тела.
  4. M

    Bug - Normal Painweels skins

    Painweels skin flytrap is now names furry fury. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  5. bunx_bell

    Bug - Crash VERSUS mode bug in free for all

    Good afternoon, I'm here to report a possible error that happened to me and my friend while we were playing "VERSUS" in "Free For All" mode. (I'm really sorry if there is an error in the writing, it was writted by using a translator) My friend ( USER: Naodemi ID: 1cpm-3a05f ) and I (USER...