• [2018/06/22]
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Revamp some variants

Which one deserves a buff

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We need to strengthen:
  • G.I Jazz
    • (disposable, just wipe)
  • Star Shine
    • (was not a very good option for diamond due to the 30 second activation timer. => it became not in demand after the rework of THE HAIR IN THE WIND. => became useless after entering Dahlia into the game.)
  • Ms. Trial
    • (after entering the dahlias, it was necessary to adapt the passive to receive a "well-aimed eye")
  • Time Tief
    • (In this version, the ability to heal when calling the head does not work)
  • Hype Man
    • (too weak for silver)
  • Dame Slayer
    • (disposable abilities are weak, so there are also a lot of conditions)
  • Big Top
    • (abilities are normal, just low values of recovery and duration of buffs.)
  • Gray Matter
    • (in my opinion, the weakest hero)
  • Brain Freeze
    • (the ability gives a maximum of 3% damage. The formula for additional damage does not work correctly, or the description is not accurate, including in the English version)
  • Star-spangled
    • (Complex activation. In fact, there are only 2 debuffs and nothing more.)
  • Myst-match
    • (not combined with any unique skill Double)
  • Temple Tyrant
    • (activation is too complicated for the unpredictable behavior of the bot in defense.)
  • Immoral Fiber
    • (My opinion is that both abilities tied to the 1st event is the maximum for a silver hero. It's too easy to clean up))
  • Bad Ms Frosty
    • (it became unusable after entering the Dahlia.)
  • Chameleon Twist
    • (The description does not correspond to reality. in an attack, the second ability is not normally activated. in defense probably too))
  • Rought Copy
    • (too specific. if she were a double it would be good)
  • Ultraviole
    • (after entering the dahlias, it was necessary to adapt the passive to receive a "well-aimed eye")
Need to loosen:
  • Rose-Tinted
    • (Too strong for silver. Let the ability be activated 1 time for lowering the same health level.)
  • Death Wish
    • (Activating one of the strongest debuffs in the game is too easy. Let it be activated only when receiving blows of multiples of 7.)
  • Corrosive Agent
    • (Similarly. Activation is too simple. It's almost impossible to fix it. Let him not reset debuffs.)
Need to recycle:
A way to activate Dahlia's unique skills. with getting a critical hit on blows from the wall. or something else. The unique skills of the two heroes activated by the crit are nonsense. Or let the buff for accuracy not activate the unique ones.
I wish I got paid for it. and at best, as a player, I can hope for some kind of feedback in the form of a patch with a change in half a year or even a year