• [2018/06/22]
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  1. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Filia and Fukua are Not reacting to Bogus Buzzard

    I recorded for my self in thet training room, is incredible annoying that you can do the Double special combo to all characters, "smaller ones and bigger ones" but when you try it with Filia and Fukua they destroy all the match, all your game to the garbage because Bogus Buzzard don't connect...
  2. P4CTR4N

    Fights Grab Moves must have a Limit

    Hi Devs, hi SGM community. I can't believe what i saw when a player used "3 Wulf Shot" against a hard boss node, i mean, it's so ridiculous, it's like when the players used to abuse of the corners and defeated opponents easily with grabs, you call that play?? Only using that moves, then hype...
  3. Shawesome

    Bug - Normal Brass Knuckles

    So I noticed this when the update dropped, and only now managed to get a photo of it. Whenever you win a fight, a bronze brass knuckles appears on each side of the screen, as so: I believe this is the consequence of how the Sekhmet Return, Hype Mode, and Squigly Charge are all similar to...