• [2018/06/22]
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squigly blockbuster

  1. L

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan vanishes too soon

    If it doesn’t hit on the first come back, Inferno of Leviathan simply disappears. I know you guys wanted to fix a bug that made the move stay on the background, looping until the match ends but it seems like you put a worse one in the game (unless this was an intentional, cruel nerf on Squigly...
  2. Amanita

    Bug - Normal Squigly Frozen in Ground Attack After Enemy Used Battle Opera

    Hi everyone! I tried searching previous threads and it didn’t seem that anyone else reported this, so I decided to make a post! I am using an iPad Pro running version 11.2.5 iOS. I was using my Poltergust Squigly against another Poltergust Squigly in the Daily Fight mode. I charged Wyrm’s Tail...
  3. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Crash Squigly End Match Soft Crash Bug

    When utilizing Inferno of Leviathan to finish off a match, if you prime Rage of the Dragon afterwards Squigly will simply float to the other end of the screen and the match screen will not show up. This will not affect one's win streak but it is annoying to have to restart the game when priming...
  4. MatDestruction

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan vs. Windstep

    So I was fighting with my Squigly Bio-exorcist in the Prize Fights, all was normal before I used the Blockbuster-2 "Inferno of Leviathan" against a Windstep Fillia. The projectile was considered dodged, however it didn't vanished, insted it was stuck in the cenario still trying to hit the enemy...
  5. Shawesome

    Resolved 0:0?

    Ever since I finally got some of her moves, this has been nagging at me. There’s a {0:0} {1}. I have never seen this before, on any move. This includes the one’s of hers I have.