• [2018/06/22]
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  1. EthanMashups

    Other Spanish Translation

    Is there any way I can help translate the game into Spanish? I already found A LOT of issues that don't let me enjoy the game. For example: In story mode, sometimes a character's name is completely changed, a character ability is somewhat confusing or some references are lost.
  2. G

    Other Pronouns mistranslation in Filia's origin history

    Samson is referring to Filia, who is a girl, so the text "esse garoto" must be switched for "essa garota". Here, "garoto" on the first line, must be switched for "garota". And here, "vivo" must be switched for "viva". It's quite simple.
  3. bbp

    Bug - Normal Russian localization issues

    In this thread I will try to publish all the abilities that are broken by the russian translation that I know, I will also try to find inaccuracies in grammar. I do not vouch for the translation of references, names, etc. The structure will be like this: I will mark issues as major or minor...
  4. S

    Bug - Normal 3 issues i've found

    First one i've found is in Cerebella's master level daily event. It has a "Get a grip" effect and makes all throws deal no damage. But some Squigly and Filia blockbusters deal no damage too cuz of this effect. Idk if this is a feature or a bug. Another issue is with the russian translation of...
  5. X

    Story Mistake on Spanish translation

    Many names on the Spanish translation aren't translated, such as Umbrella, Parasoul, etc. But Hungern's name is translated as "Apetitón" Which shouldn't be translated because it is a personal name Please fix it
  6. R

    Other Simplified Chinese translation bugs

    The Simplified Chinese translation of Squigly green gang's SA and Mis fortune's prestige is wrong, the MOVE SPEED is just move speed, associated with how fast or how far we slide not with the SPECIAL MOVE. But in translated version its the 招式速度, that means SPECIAL MOVD SPEED. Second, when we...
  7. Blue onyx

    Other Terrible translation errors in Japanese

    There are errors in the wording in the Match Challenges. "Block no HITS" has been mistranslated as "ヒット攻撃時にブロックする(Block on hit-attacks)". Since it sounds like the opposite (You have to block HITS), there is no way to deduce the original meaning from this sentence unless you check the English...
  8. Ramiro-Ra

    Other SkullGirls Latin American Localization

    Hello! I wanted to make a thread to ask the Skullgirls team a Latin american version of the game for the future. I know that the game is in european spanish, but it's not quite the same, and surely annoys me at times the words translated. I see there are many latam players, so I look forward...
  9. M

    Other PT-BR Nitpicks Pt. IV

    Woah! I am, yet again, very glad that most of Pt. II's content happened. This update (3.4.0) has been amazing, really. I actually wasn't sure if I should attempt to do this again. I don't really want the devs to feel like there's always an issue and that this series of threads is endless. I...