• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Nerima

    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    This new Umbrella variant really bumps me so I felt like I want to discuss it with the community First of all - lets face it. Even if this variant had simple and mediocre abilities she still would be very desirible just because of her appearance and special effects - it's one of kind. Even tho...
  2. BallotBoxer

    SPACE CASE - Strategy and Discussion

    SPACE CASE UMBRELLA Element: Dark Tier: Gold Palette: Umbrella = Gaz Membrane. Hungern = GIR in disguise. (Invader Zim) First Appearance: Patch 5.0 (27 April 2022) Signature Ability ALIEN AUTOPSY SA1: While RAVENOUS, inflict DOOM for 15 seconds when an opponent's HEALTH drops below 50%. DOOM is...
  3. BallotBoxer

    Guessing Umbrella Palette References

    While you can design your own Umbrella palette over here (https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/umbrella-palette-ideas.17624/), let's try to figure out if any of the palettes in the game are a reference to something in this thread. So far, 14 have appeared in 2nd Encore and many will...
  4. BallotBoxer

    Umbrella Palette Ideas

    Umbrella is going to need lots of coordinated color outfits. A new character to SGM will need at least 11 (2 bronze, 3 silver, 4 gold, 2 diamond) to catch up with everybody else! It's palette predicting/picking time! Use this thread to suggest ideas or make your own. How to make an Umbrella...