• [2018/06/22]
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  1. TheBlackBoxWarrior

    Should i Evolve Puddle Pirate or Rose Tinted Instead?

    I've had Puddle Pirate for a while, i evolved it to gold a bit ago and even unlocked it's marquee, but i am also planning on evolving a Rose Tinted to gold, i mean, which one should i evolve to diamond first? I think it would be more logic to do Puddle Pirate since i already maxed lvl her, and i...
  2. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Normal Possible Bug with Umbrella BB3 and Squigly's MA

    I have found a possible Bug (or perhap "working as intented"?), it is the interaction between Umbrella BB3 Feeding Time and Squigly MA Dead alive. Scenario: I was playing Pallarel Realm, with Death Wish, equip with BB3 Feeding Time, against Squigly and 2 other opponents. I used BB3 on Squigly...
  3. P

    Characters tokyo ghoul reference

    it would be cool if they made a character with a reference to Tokyo Ghoul...for example parasoul as Arima Kishou or Umbrella as Juuzou Suzuya or Ken Kaneki..they have weapon(especially Umbrella) similar to kuinke from this work and when i see those characters i remember TG.I hope someday there...
  4. Blessed Mage

    Characters Umbrellas

    Umbrella's release wasn't that good as Dahila's one. There are still a lot of dead/weak variants and here is some excellent ideas to change it. Fresh Heir SA1 Dash attacks disable enemy's blockbusters for 10/12/15 seconds. SA2 Gain miasma stack every 7/6/5 seconds while enemy suffering from...
  5. UmComfy39

    Reworking Tidal Traveler

    Tidal Traveler is a water variant with access to IMMUNITY, ARMOR BREAK, and a attack boost to BUBBLE attacks, provided that players can utilise Umbrella's PUDDLES and BUBBLE attacks with one another. This is a unique playstyle among the Umbrella's, encouraging players to get creative with these...
  6. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Death Wish SA2 activates regardles perma precision (Solved)

    ( @Eray explained this misunderstanding, Thanks!!) Both of Filia's BB3 moves ends with a throw hit, so can't get a presion kill. There is an exception though, if you use Blowout in the corner and opponent dies with wall hit it's still possible to do that. PF: FIREWORKS SHOW Variants Used...
  7. L

    Bug - Normal Umbrella exploit 3 hits

    you can do a infinite 3 hits combo with umbrella the problem is that this leaves you without a shield and ruins the game experience for the opponent bug video bug in another mode @evilgordo
  8. L

    Bug - Normal Umbrella side switch

    I was playing against an Umbrella with Eliza and while I was charging an attack in the Sekhmet mode Umbrella hit me with her sweep which caused Sekhmet to attack wrong side with her charged attack. (Because I let it go just as the bug occurred. If I waited it probably wouldn’t be a problem) I...
  9. Adnerb721

    70-hit combo

    Hola Hello I was practicing with umbrella in training, but wanting to make a combo greater than 70 strokes the blockbusters even if they are loaded can not be used, they stay in gray until the opponent falls
  10. C

    Brainstorming changes to some PAs!

    Hey, I've been thinking for some time that some PAs have some flaws or could be improved somehow. I don't mean to buff every PA to be about the same strength, SAs and MAs are not designed that way and I'm ok with that; this post is just a proposal to make some PAs more consistent or fix some...
  11. G

    Resolved Umbrella bug

    Quiero saber si alguien más presenta este bug, pasa que cuando estoy peleando con umbrella y hago algún movimiento como avanzar o retroceder o su animación cuando gana se glitchea o desaparece. Me gustaría que arreglaran eso.
  12. Nerima

    You guys went a bit too far with Death Wish umbrella

    This new Umbrella variant really bumps me so I felt like I want to discuss it with the community First of all - lets face it. Even if this variant had simple and mediocre abilities she still would be very desirible just because of her appearance and special effects - it's one of kind. Even tho...
  13. BallotBoxer

    SPACE CASE - Strategy and Discussion

    SPACE CASE UMBRELLA Element: Dark Tier: Gold Palette: Umbrella = Gaz Membrane. Hungern = GIR in disguise. (Invader Zim) First Appearance: Patch 5.0 (27 April 2022) Signature Ability ALIEN AUTOPSY SA1: While RAVENOUS, inflict DOOM for 15 seconds when an opponent's HEALTH drops below 50%. DOOM is...
  14. BallotBoxer

    Guessing Umbrella Palette References

    While you can design your own Umbrella palette over here (https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/umbrella-palette-ideas.17624/), let's try to figure out if any of the palettes in the game are a reference to something in this thread. So far, 14 have appeared in 2nd Encore and many will...
  15. BallotBoxer

    Umbrella Palette Ideas

    Umbrella is going to need lots of coordinated color outfits. A new character to SGM will need at least 11 (2 bronze, 3 silver, 4 gold, 2 diamond) to catch up with everybody else! It's palette predicting/picking time! Use this thread to suggest ideas or make your own. How to make an Umbrella...