• [2018/06/22]
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update and characters

  1. Carlos Animax

    Characters Suggestions about that characters

    I was post this type suggest 1 year ago aprox. I hope don't problem, I think can be a good idea, I enhance a little the post. n.n But if repeat it's bad, I can erase, don't problem. :3 I have some suggestions about a future Update for Trade of Characters, What do you think? I hope you like...
  2. Carlos Animax

    Other I have some suggestions about Characters.

    I have some suggestions about a future exchange / Trade of characters, and as this year comes an update on the introduction of alliances, he thought it might be interesting. What do you think? I hope you like and interest this suggestion. :) If they are Fighters of (Bronze). Canopy: 1,000 or up...
  3. Dennis Aguilar

    Please, Eliza chance dress

    Hello, thank you very much for taking into consideration my opinions regarding future updates of Skullgirls Android. I wonder if any of them changed Eliza Oro's dress or suit of light? She appears in an elegant blue or light blue dress, but when you play with her, it is not the same as in the...
  4. Dennis Aguilar

    Other Please, updates with more options!!!

    hello, thank you very much for the great game Skullgirls for android. I would like relics of specific fighters, such as Cerebella de oro, water element and Filia de oro, light element, among others. Could you make specific relics to obtain them? I would also like to obtain relics sacrificing...
  5. Renan Flippy

    Characters Upcoming Character Variants (DISCUSSION ABOUT UPCOMING GAME UPDATES)

    To begin with, I think most of the members of this forum will have already realized that in the social networks of the game already have been confirming new variants for the characters of the game and that apparently will be golden characters. From what I saw according to their signature...
  6. GoldenAbyss6197

    New Character speculation

    With the recent announcement of a new character and a new story coming later this month, what character do you want to see coming in this month's update to Skullgirls mobile?