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Other ⚠ NETSPOD's Fighter SG Variant Types

but you don't even own them. a snap of the fingers and they can be gone.

i'm sorry for being so harsh. but the DEVs made it VERY clear they don't care about us.
Book burners are nazis, censors are nazis. every time. and those people are not kind.

still i wasn't kind to you, that was rather harsh. i'll admit.

what do YOU want in all of this?
It's just my own happiness, Joy and Passion as a gamer and artist. nothing more more than that as a normal person of a gamer would have.

So sorry again for my late reply, Had been really terribly busy at my other picture works as well.

I'm also a retired M.U.G.E.N. Animator as well. I used to work and edit animations based on Movements and Attack moves of several M U.G E N Fighters ar their platform.

my works of those Skullgirls "card figters" as you've seen are not simply edited but I used both 3D paint and Adobe Photoshop to edit them.

I'll actually post by this weekend some picture works here, if the administrators here could possibly allow me to post here if it's possible

they are edited animations from various Anime characters that I had been working up from my Own M.U.G.E.N. projects in those 6 yrs
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✝️ Parasoul,the Black Cicada Princess
NETSPOD`s Leader, lady Parasoul, woman of good ambition and determined
resolution decides to take the critical matters to her own hands and to her
own colleagues to resolve cases that even natural humans could not ever
accommodate to do. Decided to act upon her own way from her Royal Father`s
Governance in separate, Parasoul will clean up every Evil in the world as much
as possible she can do to achieve. Even sacrificing her own Life for her country.

Lady Parasoul`s nick name as the "Cicada Princess" derives from her love
and Joy of Cicada insects, as even her own Umbrella weapon that looked
kinda similar as to a Dark Greyed Red Eyed Insect, Cicada. Her name was
Infamous but known Only to the entire world`s Secret Investigation Agencies
and organizations. Both FBI and CIA highly respected her and her guild with
dignity and honor. Thus giving to Her and her guildmate friends, all the action
that they all needed to have in.

Lady Parasoul`s closest friends are consisted from the most. From her close
childhood friends, Marie and Peacock to the far known colleagues of their
own consisted of the deadliest caliber.

As Lady Parasoul moves on with her Organization, her past was catching up on with her - making herself to realize the human she used to be before she turned into a ghoul.

now she remembers and realizes how much more powerful she was when she was as a human.

She was a Royal Princess,
She was a powerful Warrior,
She was Undefeatable,
She was Invisible...
She was Indomitable!


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wow, you put a lot of effort in to all this.
It's not just the pallette works and the app Skullgirls editor provided by Celsai here but I used Adobe Photoshop as well in order to cover out several pal issues. Double was the most complicated type to work on cause I needed to work a double way pallette edition at a separate project edition then copy & paste edit afterwards.
coming up soon this week ☺️🥰

So the story between in the bio of Annie continues....

✝️ Annie the Solar Meteor StarFlame
Another short height lady but older by age, known as BadStar Annie was
another great fighter of Justice and great determination to protect the weak
and defenseless. Annie was known to all even by her universe of Cosmos.
Extremely skilled in both Acting and Sword Mastery she pushes her way through
to punish the wicked and save her friends`s planet from the clutches of Evil.

Lately now Annie was Discovered to have in herself a secondary awakening ability inside her within.

An ability known as "Rekka Bankai" that empowers and changes her appearance slightly with white hair and a meaner sharper blade that would cut down even the hardest Rocks on Earth!
Her beloved companion Sagan empowered as well together.



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