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🧀 Cheese Strategies for Parallel Realms


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Feb 4, 2018
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🧀 Cheese Strategies for Parallel Realms: Show No Mercy to No Mercy!

cheese (noun)
  1. a food made from the pressed curds of milk.
  2. exploiting systemic quirks or apparent design oversights to gain maximum advantage for minimum skill or effort.
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Laser Light Show​

1st: X-Bot Robo-Fortune
2nd: Harlequin Cerebella
3rd: Peashooter Peacock
X-Bot has at least three beam special moves (phaser burn and theonite beam) equipped. Harlequin reduces the special move cooldown by 35% and Pea Shooter adds 35% bonus damage to projectiles. Dash back and blast away.

Immortal Carry​

Strong fighters that can sustain themselves and lead your team to victory over many battles:
  • Nearly any Filia with Leech MA (like Djinn Frizz, Blue Streak, Windswept)
  • Fly Trap Painwheel
  • Inner Pieces Eliza (with an Air and a Fire teammates for REGEN and ENRAGE)
  • Any Fukua with Inevitable Snuggle BB or access to MIASMA

Wrestling With Wolves​

A strong Beowulf (Snake Bite, Beast King, Wulfsbane) with 3 Wulf Shoot special moves equipped. Grab and slam your way to victory!
For no mercy non floor bosses, Equip 3 wulfshoots that's minimally level 9 with maxed special cooldown And Do wulfshoot loop. Repeat this for every non boss floor 1-3. It's a very cheap way of cheesing it, but it's by far the most effective way of keeping your health high.

  • Wulfshoot loops allows to avoid critting opponent so you don't have to avoid Tainted blood PW. Outside of 3 wulfshoot, I also run lupine for slow stacking to prevent a bb3 And three wulf Assault thanks to meter reduction.
Generally, get as much Beowulf as possible in the event you do mess up.

Normally 3 Beowulf is good enough.

They just need high enough hp stat so they don't immediately die to block chip.

If you have beast king/wulfbane, their SA can help if you have hit list artifact for the permanent Death Mark

Number one (Yes unironically) also has a working Sa with enrage stacks and haste uptime

But I think the most SA impactful Beowulf that you can use is snakebite for barriers, evasion and the haste as well.

The rest of the Beowulfs SA don't really matter

Floor 3 is trickier as you shouldn't block at the start of else opponent gets thorns

Beowulf's G1 is fast enough at the start of the match to either force AI to block or just take the hit, if G1 connects/take the hit, finish your standard G5>Launcher>A5 and then proceed to wulfshoot loop (try to minimise your crit rate stat, mainly to not trigger tainted blood Painwheel's)

If G1 doesn't connect and Opponent does blocks, do wulfshoot loop immediately then

If the event that Opponent does gain thorns, just wait it out for thorns to expire Or force outtake for buff removal

If you have flashbang/ presence of aeon artifact, Floor 3's wulfshoot loop strat becomes much easier since you no longer be worried on thorns thanls to the stun/evasion respectively.

For floor 1 boss, It's mostly just raw dps out opponent while also try to outtake dead body to not trigger possession change modifer I'm pretty sure it also has danger zone modifer as well that causes unblockable attacks below 25%, so just be aware

For floor 2 boss This is highly dependent on rng with what set of fighters you have to face. The modifers is just the elemental pf modifer for each element, so it can either be very easy if you're going Aganist a team of OC,Eager and Starlight rose since they don't have any elemental modifer on them

Or it can be extremely hard of you're going Aganist a full light element team with the modifer that cycles buffs every 10 seconds

Floor 2 is by far the easiest boss floor to tackle, so I won't be too worried.

For floor 3 If you have alot of fighters that you're willing to sacrifice, sacrifice them

Exquisite Corpse's team revival if opponent uses a bb3 is very annoying to deal with along with gaining thorns and having the duration doubled thanks to the one modifer in Annie's daily that I forgot the name of

What I normally do is that once each fighter is defeated, immediately let the 2nd fighter to kill your whole team (normally I just have one fighter and the 2 other being just bronze fighters). This is a strategic play as when you enter the fight again, the dead body of the first opponent is no longer there while also resetting Opponent's Meter

You can also do something similar with Boss 1 with outtaking the dead body, but Keep in mind that opponent meter that they gain from the bench isn't reset. So Opponent might get the team revive off and it becomes a much harder/longer fight.

If your unlucky and roll to somebody that able to have team revive Say Prestige Val,Death Wish Try to outtake and cycle and kill them first so the team revive won't reset progress. They really are annoying.

A Mode Meant for Monsters​

Step 1: Get Stand Out Eliza (I'm told she is often the go-to fighter for some players. I wouldn't know. I don't have this Dio-themed Eliza).

Super Supporters​

Friendly fighters on the bench doing more than cheering you on:
  • Surgeon General Valentine (grants heavy regen and immunity every 30s)
  • Persona Assistant Robo-Fortune (grants blessing and barrier every 30s)
  • Dark Might Beowulf (upon teammate defeat, inflicts permanent power surge x3 and curse)
  • Evergreen Evil Double (increase buff duration by 5s)
  • Harlequin Cerebella (fast special move cooldown)
  • Martial Outlaw Black Dahlia (charge attack hits grant haste, and with haste, 25% chance for hit to inflict armor break and heavy bleed for 10s)
  • Model Leader Annie (clears debuffs and grants armor every 20s)
  • Sketchy Peacock (allies tag in with haste and immunity for 10s, enemies tag in with slow and curse for 10s)
  • Kill Joy Valentine (grants permanent regen for sub 50% health teammates at elemental advantage, and auto-resurrect team with 25% upon death)

ZeoW Showcase: Annie or Fukua Only​

SGM legend ZeoW shows how it is done with some character-specific strategies in No Mercy

Single Target Assassination - Alien Bomb​

1st: Xenomorph Double
2nd: someone strong and tough to kill
3rd: your weakest fighter
Got a boss node or a really difficult trio? Send Xenomorph Double on a suicide mission to eliminate the toughest one. Essentially, cast DOOM (when transmuting to dark element, inflict permanent DOOM for 30s) and then tag in a durable bodyguard (like Meow & Furever Ms. Fortune or Weekend Warrior Beowulf) to stall the timer. Doom and stall the rest if you can!

- - - - - - - -

What works for you? Got any strategies? Write it down! Let's make a list that can help people on all difficulty levels.