• [2018/06/22]
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4.6 Update Notes (NOW LIVE!)

Have you guys posted the 2021 roadmap for SGM?
HVS request: Please edit Biting Cold Painwheel's card so the glowing eye layer is turned on
👁️✨thanks! Without it, she looks... "deactivated" or something
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Hey everyone! We just released a small update to fix some issues introduced in 4.6.

Update: March 24 - Version 4.6.1 notes:

- Fixed an issue where all Skill Trees would display a Bronze Key requirement, regardless of the actual cost. This was a visual only bug.
- Fixed an issue where Double - Creature of Habit could gain stacks of Miasma even while blocking in some situations.
- Fixed an issue where Painwheel - Biting Cold would not trigger her Signature Ability when defeating an opponent while they are blocking.
- Fixed an issue where the chat would not function when the player's device is set to Russian.
- Fixed an issue where Creature of Habit's Signature Ability would not display correctly in Russian.
We just released a small server side update:

Update: April 26

Fixed an issue where players would be unable to use certain Fighters if they had recently been used in Deployments.
This was a server side fix and did not require any updates to be downloaded.
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