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Fights A few balance suggestions

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Psyche, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Psyche

    Psyche Moderator

    Jun 8, 2017
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    In the interest of viability I thought these could be reasonable modifications for a few fighter variants to make them fairer to both fight as and against.

    Firstly, Silent Kill Valentine’s Foggy Memory ought to get a buff of some kind so that it is not simply a directly inferior version of Doublicious Double’s Sticky Fingers. I would propose that the effectivity is boosted slightly so that the cleanse mechanic is triggered on both fighters in the scenario of both scoring a hit and being hit yourself. So, the new SA would be along the lines of
    1) 25% chance on HIT to remove all DEBUFFS from self and all BUFFS from opponent;
    2) 25% chance when HIT to remove all DEBUFFS from self and all BUFFS from opponent.
    This would add a defensive capacity to Silent Kill allowing her to stay in active combat for longer. It could also be interesting to allow Foggy Memory to trigger when blocking hits in this case.
    Alternatively, Foggy Memory could be allowed to cleanse ‘permanent’ buffs and debuffs which would be immensely powerful in prize fights with mutual debuff fight modifiers and against the likes of Painwheel who thrive on accumulating permanent Enrage.
    Then there’s the third, much simpler option of increasing the trigger chance from a maximum of 25% to something potentially as high as 50% which would still enable her to counter the likes of Armed Forces, Untouchable and Resonant Evil with relative ease.

    That’s just Silent Kill. One other variant I have a suggestion for is Dreadlocks Filia and her Lock Nest Monster. I propose that the mechanic be changed to resemble the fight modifier Quit Hitting Yourself, but amplified to something like reflecting 300%-500% of the incoming damage while blocking. I think this would make perfect sense considering the image for Filia’s block and its animation, where Samson covers her front and protrudes spikes towards the opponent. It would make sense that these could cause some harm when hit. I know there is therefore the inconsistency of every Filia variant having this animation but only Dreadlocks having the mechanic, but it is one route that would remain relatively faithful to the original concept. For the secondary effect, I think it should be possible to trigger the heavy bleed even when blocking a critical hit (if this is not already possible; I haven’t been able to do that much research). This would overall compliment Filia’s paradigm as she is not a heavy high-health character like Big Band and so would benefit from having counters rather than repercussions for taking fatal amounts of damage.

    This is all I have for now. Sorry for the long read. I would appreciate constructive criticism and feedback.
  2. ImaiKari

    ImaiKari Won't Bite

    Aug 31, 2017
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    This sounds even worse than her already existent SA. That's only reflecting 30-50% of the damage done before block's reduction which is terrible. And having to block for the entire match to use your SA isn't a fun mechanic and goes against filia's intended style of being able to dodge. It just sounds even less fun than the current SA, and weaker.

    This doesn't really add any defensive capability as much as it just makes her slightly less frail against certain debuffs. More importantly, this SA isn't fun to use. One that requires you to get hit doesn't add any extra reward for playing well or interactivity, just stops you from getting destroyed easier. That's not fun. The last thing Valentines need are more defensive SA's for their decent HP pool. It would be better to get something like enrage when you remove a debuff or an enemy buff to emphasize the silent kill and drive her niche to be more effective and give that bit of 'oomph' most vals need.
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