• [2018/06/22]
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Collection A small rework for the shards system

Sep 29, 2017
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The shards haven't really been directly adjusted since the shift from shard to get relics many years ago, I think it's time for an upgrade, and this is my favorite suggestion of the few.
aaaaaaaa.jpgThe shard shop would feature a down-scrolling list of relics costing shards to obtain, your standard silver, gold, and diamond relics would be there for the same price we know and love, what changes is every relic under them is a character specific relic serving the same function as the standard ones, the main difference being a slightly different appearance from the standard silver, gold, and diamond (the design in the picture is more of a placeholder) and being guaranteed to get a variant of the character of your choice!

Convenience comes at a price however, as much as I'd like for these to fully replace the normal shard relics at a flat 1000 rate, It makes more sense for them to cost more, anywhere from 1500 to 2500 shards is where I'd place them..

I would best say this shop should function as a brand new menu, as it wouldn't be on a timer like every tab in the cabinet, it would most likely either be in the relic screen taking up the spot where the shard relics used to lie? or mayhaps, on the main menu having it's own side bubble next to the coc? maybe the coc itself would get multiple tabs similar to how dailies have daily ops, accolades, and deployments? I'm not a UI designer so this isn't really for me to say, I do however think this would be an excellent addition to the game that wouldn't take a significant amount of reworking to achieve, as well as fixing the issue that Skullgirls mobile, doesn't have a true pity system.
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