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Advanced Stats Guide (1.6.0)

Discussion in 'General Strategy' started by moisterrific, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. moisterrific

    moisterrific Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2017
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    ATK # - increases your ATK stat by a fixed value, useful for most bronze fighters and a few silver ones. Pretty much useless for gold fighters.

    ATK % - increases your ATK stat by a percentage. More effective when you have a higher base ATK value. Let's say you have a base ATK stat 3,000 , ATK +150 will only increase it to 3,150, while ATK +15% will increase it to 3,450. ATK % does not have a cap but realistically you won’t get more than 165% in total if you’re extremely lucky.

    BLOCK PROFICIENCY - reduces damage taken while blocking. Capped at 100%.

    CRIT RATE - increases the frequency of critical hits. Capped at 100%

    CRIT DAMAGE - increases the damage of critical hits. Forgot if it capped at 100% or 200%.

    CRIT RESIST - reduces the chance of receiving a critical hit. Capped at 100%.

    DEFENCE - reduces all damage taken by a percent (except bleed). Stacks with +15% defence from skill tree and currently caps at 65%.

    ELEMENT BONUS - increases damage when you're at an elemental advantage, capped at 50%.

    ELEMENT PENALTY - increases damage when you're at an elemental disadvantage. Capped at -0%. Completely useless for fighters with light & dark elements since they will always be at an elemental advantage.

    HP # - increases your HP by a fixed value, like ATK #, this is useful for most bronze and a few silver fighters. Useless for gold fighters since their HP amounts are in the ten thousands range.

    HP % - increases your HP by a percentage, just like ATK %, this is far more effective than HP # when you already have more HP. Like ATK %, there is no theoretical cap on this stat, but won’t be more than 165% in practice.

    METER GAIN - increases the rate of charging all blockbusters to full. Can stack with Haste up to a maximum of +100% total.

    Stats ranked from most useful to least useful:
    1. Meter gain
    2. ATK %
    3. Defence
    4. HP %
    5. Crit rate
    6. Crit damage
    7. Block proficiency
    8. Element bonus
    9. Element penalty
    10. Crit resist
    11. ATK #
    12. HP #
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