• [2018/06/22]
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Bandera relics....


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Mar 15, 2020
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So, the coveted prize fight ended.
What do we got?
Diamonds? Golds? Silvers?

I can't tell about you guys but I got silvers only. May be my luck diminished.

But one thing for sure,
Many relics will come and go but no other relic can challenge the premier relics. Yeah I've said it.

From all 6 bandera's, I got 6 silvers(among which I already had five)

From my 14 premier relics(no +1), I got
  1. Criminal mind
  2. Dragon brawler
  3. Brain freeze
  4. Purrfect dark
  5. Bloody valentine
  6. Inkling
  7. Peashooter
continuous, and 7 bronze.
And I didn't had any of the above listed fighters.


Never underestimate the power of premier relics. ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ

(I know it is solely based on luck, but still premier relics never let me down)
Well, sadly I couldn't make it to top 100 this time so no diamond key for me. That said, was very lucky this time around, I got:

Milestone Rewards
3x Rock Star

Legendary Relic:
1x Snake Bite

Event Rewards
1x Infernal Twin
1x Chameleon Twist
2x Rock Star
1x Phantom Threads

All in all, pretty good drops. That Iori Yagami is getting maxed out whether she likes it or not and whether she's any good in the end.
I'm on the fence about Snake Bite, I was hoping for Assassin's Greed or Overclocked but I guess just I never had him on my radar. Since I already have a Lvl 56 Diamond Wulfsbane I don't know if I should spend my keys on Snake or Freeze Frame.

TL;DR: Drops are good, Keys are hard.
Nice @Irghen , congrats on good pulls!

I did not have enough time to get to top 100 too, so 7 Bandera relics for me: 6 Rock Stars and 1 Chameleon Twist.

I did not even ask for Phantom Threads, just Thrill Shrieker would be fine, but RNG was not benevolent this time... Guess, I still owe something for that wonderful pull during Valentine Day PF (Red Velvet, Grim Fan and Djinn Frizz was just a bit too much :p).
At least some people are getting good stuffs. I am happy for them.
I had luck

1x Blood drive

1x Rockstar

1x Thrill shrieker

I didn't expect to get thrill shrieker, will invest in her later.
Milestone Rewards
2x Thrill Shrieker Squigly
1x Rock Star Filia

Legendary Relic
1x Dream Catcher Peacock

Event Rewards
1x Blood Drive Painwheel
2x Chameleon Twist Fukua
1x Rock Star Filia
1x Phantom Threads Fukua

Super lucky! I went into it hoping to get
Rock Star Filia, who has been eluding me since her premiere last year, and ended up with so much more.
Bandera - 6 x Blood Drive, 1 x Chameleon Twist.
Legendary - Weekend Warrior.
Didn't have Chameleon or Weekend Warrior, so that was nice. 6 Blood Drives was a bit overkill.