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Bug - Normal Being punished MID-Blockbuster

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by Psyche, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Psyche

    Psyche Moderator

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Please tell me if this was by design because I might have simply misunderstood the patch notes, but as far as I'm aware, a Blockbuster is meant to function such that it is performed without interruption; it is only after the BB has been completed or missed entirely and specifically under the condition that the victim successfully blocked and/or dodged the whole attack that the attacker can then be punished with a counter-attack immediately afterward, providing the fighters are close together enough.

    I've incidentally found two occasions where this is not the case; I'm listing their details specifically because they're the only ones I've personally witnessed and am therefore attesting to, though more exceptions may or may not exist.

    1) Painwheel's grab/throw tag-in attack ignores Cerebella's Diamond Dynamo and breaks her out of it anyway, as if there was no aspect of rigidity at all. [Personally quite miffed about this one as it cost me my PF streak.]

    2) Filia's standard throw can grab Peacock during Argus Agony provided that she is close enough and the onslaught has not yet begun. I did this accidentally where I initiated the throw only a few frames prior to the AI using the BB, so that during the split-second freeze that occurs when a BB is activated Samson's tendrils were already reaching for Peacock, then successfully grabbed her just before she fired the laser of Argus Agony phase 1.

    Please either fix this if it wasn't meant to be the case, or point me in the direction of a clear explanation of how these mechanics work because I'm finding it slightly difficult to enjoy the game where surprises like this pop up relatively often.
  2. missingno

    missingno Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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    This is exactly how most supers work in the original game. Invincibility rarely lasts much longer than startup plus a few active frames, and plenty of supers, like Argus, don't have any invincibility at all. I'm not sure why SGM previously made every single super completely invincible all the way through the end of recovery, but I'm glad that's fixed now.

    Just don't throw out raw supers at dumb times, you're risking a big punish if you do. You should pretty much always combo into them if possible, especially since there's no scaling in SGM.
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  3. TonyPartridge30

    TonyPartridge30 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2017
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    I would be happy if this was the case, but it seems to me like it's not consistent. Like, I'll shoot a projectile at a Cerebella while she's doing a Diamond Dynamo and it passes right through doing no damage. So while I'd be fine if BBs had invincibility frames on during startup, I have yet to see that be the case. Based on OP's description, it seems like an error or bug rather than a change in how BBs work.

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