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Big Band Signature Abilities

Discussion in 'Big Band' started by Fel, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. Fel

    Fel wuf

    Jul 16, 2017
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    SA1: On TAG IN, gain HEAVY REGEN for 10 seconds
    SA2: On TAG IN, gain 35% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS


    SA1: Gain ENRAGE for 5 seconds when using a SPECIAL MOVE
    SA2: Gain 25% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS when using a SPECIAL MOVE

    Resonant Evil

    SA1: Getting HIT has a 10% chance to grant ARMOR for 10 seconds
    SA2: Gain a 5% chance when HIT to STUN opponent for 4 seconds if you have ARMOR


    SA1: Defeating an opponent grants 2 stacks of ARMOR and ENRAGE for 10 seconds
    SA2: Also gain 50% meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS

    G.I. Jazz

    SA1: Once per match, gain 5 stacks of REGEN for 10 seconds when falling below 25% HEALTH
    SA2: Also gain 3 stack(s) of ARMOR


    SA1: When blocking a HIT, reduce damage taken by 75% and gain enrage for 5 seconds. One ENRAGE stack is removed on the next
    successful HIT
    SA2: While benefitting from ENRAGE, 50% of the damage dealt is regained as HEALTH

    Epic Sax

    SA1: Gain 3% damage bonus per COMBO HIT, up to a 50% bonus
    SA2: Gain a random BUFF for every 10 COMBO HITS

    Private Dick

    SA1: 5% chance on HIT to STUN opponent for 3 seconds
    SA2: Gain a 50% RESISTANCE to all DEBUFFS
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