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Bronze: What Works and What Doesn't


Won't Bite
Aug 31, 2017
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Alright, I figured I'd put up a new post to help any new players, or anyone who is interested, to finding out what to keep and use, or what to throw away. So, bronzes. Let's start off by stacking them in a list.

KEEP IN MIND that these stats and this discussion is about bronzes evolved into golds, at their peak performance. This discussion will take place without peak move bonuses, and will be based purely off potential and average performance.

Even though we're talking as if these are all evolved to gold, these same lists, complaints, and suggestions apply to bronzes in their base state as well. If a bronze has a bad SA, it has a bad SA throughout gold and silver. If the attack stat is low in gold compared to other bronzes, it will also be low in bronze compared to other bronzes.


Big Band:
* Bassline:
Element: air
Max ATK: 3K
Max HP: 26.2K
Max FS: 7583
Signature ability: Second Wind
  • On TAG IN, gain REGEN for 10 seconds
  • Also gain 15% meter for all blockbusters
* Beat Box:
Element: fire
Max ATK: 3.8K
Max HP: 26K
Max FS: 8350
Signature ability: Freestyle
  • Gain Enrage for 5 seconds when using a special move
  • Also gain 20% meter for all blockbusters

* Bad Hair Day:
Element: dark
Max ATK: 3468
Max HP: 18372
Max FS: 6673
Signature ability: RAZOR SHEARS
  • 5% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 7 seconds
  • 10% bonus to CRIT RATE if opponent has BLEED.
* Frayed Ends:
Element: fire
Max ATK: 3257
Max HP: 22260
Max FS: 7120
Signature ability: CUT IT OUT!
  • 15% chance when HIT to inflict BLEED for 7 seconds
  • Inflict 50% bonus damage against an opponent with BLEED

* Rerun:
Element: fire
Max ATK: 3888
Max HP: 18.4K
Max FS: 7104
Signature ability: ENSEMBLE CAST
  • TAG INS inflict 100% more damage for all teammates
  • COOLDOWN for TAG INS reduced by 50% for all teammates
* Sketchy:
Element: air
Max ATK: 4941
Max HP: 18.2K
Max FS: 8152
Signature ability: RUNNING GAG
  • On TAG IN, SLOW opponent's BLOCKBUSTERS for 10 seconds
  • On TAG IN, gain HASTE for all BLOCKBUSTERS for 7 seconds

* Sundae School:
Element: water
Signature ability: MELTING POINT
  • When any teammate inflicts a negative COMBAT EFFECT (excluding STUN), increase its duration by 3 seconds
  • When any teammate suffers a negative COMBAT EFFECT (excluding STUN), reduce its duration by 3 seconds
* Nunsense:
Element: air
Signature ability: COUNTERFEIT
  • When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, gain a random beneficial COMBAT EFFECT for 15 seconds any time the opponent gains a beneficial effect
  • When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random negative COMBAT EFFECT for 15 seconds after suffering any negative effect

* Understudy:
Max ATK: 3889
Max HP: 23621
Max FS: 7998
Signature ability: THROW DOWN
  • Gain a 50% bonus to THROW damage
  • All teammates gain a 50% bonus to THROW damage
* Headstrong:
Element: light
Max ATK: 4942
Max HP: 23410
Max FS: 9038
Signature ability: BIG BREAK
  • THROWS have a 50% chance to inflict CRIPPLE for 7 seconds
  • Also inflict ARMOR BREAK for 7 seconds

* Rusty:
Element: light
Max ATK: 4309
Max HP: 15.7K
Max FS: 7087
Signature ability: BLEED FOR ME
  • 10% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3 seconds
  • Also converts 2 of the enemy's beneficial COMBAT EFFECT(S) into BLEED
* Twisted Mettle:
Element: water
Max ATK: 4034
Max HP: 19K
Max FS: 7368
Signature ability: CUTTING EDGE
  • When suffering a CRITICAL HIT, inflict BLEED for 5 seconds
  • 50% chance on HIT to inflict BLEED for 3 seconds if opponent has BLEED

* Scrub:
Element: air
Max ATK: 3047
Max HP: 20996
Max FS: 6690
Signature ability: OUTPATIENT
  • Teammates in reserve regenerate SCRATCH DAMAGE 100% faster
  • Teammates in reserve gain BLOCKBUSTER meter 20% faster
* Icy Hot:
Element: water
Max ATK: 3840
Max HP: 20786
Max FS: 7465
Signature ability: FIRST RESPONDER
  • All teammates TAG IN with REGEN for 6 seconds
  • On TAG IN, all teammates gain 15% meter for ALL BLOCKBUSTERS

* In Denile:
Element: water
Max ATK: 3468
Max HP: 23621
Max FS: 7567
Signature ability: BENEATH THE SKIN
  • Gain ARMOR for 15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet
  • Remove all negative COMBAT EFFECTS and gain IMMUNE for 15 seconds when triggering Sekhmet
* Decrypted:
Element: dark
Max ATK: 3257
Max HP: 28610
Max FS: 8202
Signature ability: ENVY
  • Inflict 50% bonus damage against an opponent with beneficial COMBAT EFFECTS
  • Convert 3 enemy BUFF(S) to BLEED when triggering Sekhmet.

* Sheltered:
Element: fire
Max ATK: 3468
Max HP: 21K
Max FS: 7120
Signature ability: OVERLY CRITICAL
  • Increases CRIT RATE by 10%
  • Increases teammates CRIT RATE by 10%
* Heavy Reign:
Element: air
Max ATK: 3257
Max HP: 25.4K
Max FS: 7656
Signature ability: OVERCAST
  • 50% chance on CRITICAL HIT to gain 15% meter for BLOCKBUSTERS
  • 50% chance to gain 15%. meter for all BLOCKBUSTERS when suffering a CRITICAL HIT

* Underdog:
Element: dark
Max ATK: 3888
Max HP: 21K
Max FS: 7550
Signature ability: ON THE ROPES
  • Take 25% less damage when suffering from a negative COMBAT EFFECT
  • Gain HASTE for 10 seconds when inflicted with a negative COMBAT EFFECT
* Cold Stones:
Element: water
Max ATK: 4941
Max HP: 20.8K
Max FS: 8591
Signature ability: OUT COLD
  • Throws have a 15% to inflict STUN on the enemy for 6 seconds
  • 50% bonus damage against STUNNED opponents

Alright, with all these characters up here for your wonderful eyes to evaluate, we can begin to piece together where they belong in comparison to each other. For this part, I'll seperate the list into 3 categories: Good, Passable, and Bad. Good means you should be able to use the character as a reliable carry in most any situation. Passable means that you can probably carry with this character, unless you get to the higher end of prizefights. Bad means that they can't carry past the bottom levels of prizefights.

If a character is in the Bad tier, it can likely be said that it needs to be changed in some way, so I'll propose ways to fix these. You guys can give your own opinions and suggestions by quoting the character, I'd be glad to discuss it.

Anyways, here we go.


  • Cold Stones
  • Beat Box
  • Headstrong
  • Underdog
  • In Denile
  • Rusty
  • Twisted Mettle
  • Sundae School
  • Sketchy
  • Understudy
  • Heavy Reign
  • Sheltered
  • Nunsense
  • Rerun
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Frayed Ends
  • Bassline
  • Decrypted
  • Icy Hot
  • Scrub

For all endgame players, Passable turns to Bad, and Bad is literally unplayable. This list is in comparison to how well they can handle content, so a Passable will have a hard time fighting end game teams, where as a Bad will find it essentially impossible. Good fighters will fit right in, although slightly worse than a normal gold (except for Cold Stones).

As you can see, the Good section is very slim at best. Only 3 fighters I feel can currently compete in end game content when evolved to golds.

So, using this information, we can look at what needs improvements and what doesn't. First, let's assume that bronzes should be slightly worse than the average natural gold, once evolved to gold. This means definitely able to compete in end game content, but still not being able to breeze through a 32k team. Good is where it's at, here. These fighters are fine, and need very few adjustments.

Speaking of which, let's get started.

This fighter is bordering on good, with the lack of several small things that are holding him back. First up, his attack is just low enough that his survival type SA won't bring it to reasonable levels to chip at current 65% defense, or even 50% defense teams. Secondly, the first part of his SA has issues. I believe a raise to 35% would strike a good balance. Lastly, I believe that his HASTE should be extended by an additional 5 seconds, simply because HASTE does not refresh once a new negative COMBAT EFFECT is inflicted. If they change that, then this part is fine.

In Denile:
The only thing holding this fighter back is her max attack of 3468, keeping her from being able to knock out high defense or HP opponents on her own.

This fighter has enough attack to deal with most fighters, but a small boost because of it being painwheel would only help balance it out more. Secondly, a chance as low as 10% to cause a bleed as low as 3 seconds is essentially useless. I recommend either a 20% to cause bleed for 3 seconds on hit, or keep it at 10% and boost the seconds to 7 or 8.

Twisted Mettle:
For a painwheel, a 4k attack stat is small. That needs a small buff, first. Secondly, relying on an enemy to crit you to start off your bleed is practically useless. Especially when the bleed only lasts 5 seconds. The majority of the time, you'll only get the second part of your SA to trigger off of Medici PF, special moves, or some blockbusters.

Sundae School:
I lack the stats to talk about that specifically, but her ability to carry is hindered by her being a support.

The problem here lies in the SA. First of all, anything that relies on TAG IN is by nature a bad mechanic. You can't carry with TAG IN, and it's often not able to be utilized and doesn't combo well. Along with that, the SA itself is rather weak, only allowing the slowing of blockbusters for a short 10 seconds while hasting for only 7. This SA needs to be scrapped.

Contrastingly, the problem with this fighter is that her attack stat is simply not high enough to compete, and she tends to play a support role. We all know where supports in this game go... Eyes Valentine.

Aaaand now onto the Bad.

Heavy Reign:
Pitiful attack.

Pitiful attack, and the fact that 10% crit is a very small addition. Raise it to at least 25% crit rate, and it'll be solid. Increasing attack is a must.

Any SA dependent on the enemy using buffs is by nature going to be unreliable. Even though we don't know the stats, we do know that this one has the lowest of the two, which can't be helping the poor SA. Needs buffs all around.

Low attack, combined with a TAG IN SA. SA needs to be scrapped, while attack needs a slight buff.

Bad Hair Day:
Abysmal attack. Dealing bleed for 5% for 7 seconds by itself is too weak. We talked earlier about how 10% crit rate is a very small amount, and then they threw it on a 5% triggering bleed. My suggestion is to buff the first part of the SA to 15%, and then boost the second part to 50%+ crit rate on bleeding enemies. Attack buff is essential.

Frayed Ends:
Somehow even worse attack than Bad Hair Day. Needs a buff to attack to work at all. A 15% chance to inflict bleed when hit is simply not going to be useful. Any effect that relies on being hit is weak in nature, and when you need that 7 seconds to do your 50% bonus damage, it turns out to be pretty terrible in practice. I propose that the first part of the SA be converted to be 15% ON HIT chance to inflict bleed for 7 seconds. The attack needs to be buffed.

3K attack has never been a hinderance for a Big Band, but more attack could only help put this contender closer to being fine. His SA is complete trash, requiring tag ins, while granting less meter than a brass knuckles, while granting one regen. I recommend that this SA be scrapped, and damage slightly buffed.

3.2k attack on an Eliza is just not enough to do anything with her. Needs a buff desperately, and her SA doesn't fare much better. Dealing 50% damage to enemies with a positive COMBAT EFFECT isn't often enough, considering if the enemy has 2 or more armor, the SA is basically ignored. I think one way to fix this SA would be to change it to:
  • Inflict 50% bonus damage against an opponent with beneficial COMBAT EFFECTS
  • Attacks also ignore ARMOR and Defense against an opponent with beneficial COMBAT EFFECTS
And with an SA like that, you can probably do with only buffing her attack to 4.2k~.

Icy Hot:
We talked about how 3.8 attack is normally too low to be viable for Good, but the TAG IN SA combined with REGEN is essentially useless. Again, a meter-gain bonus that amounts to less than a single Brass Knuckles for most things is a pretty poor SA perk, but having it tied to an awkward move that can't combo well is just a surefire way to make this SA unsuable in most situations. An SA shouldn't give a boost so small that you rarely notice it. TAG IN SAs just tend to be that way by their nature. This SA needs to be scrapped while attack buffed slightly. 4.2k should be plenty.

3k attack on a valentine makes this variant already a heap of garbage. In a game where carrying 2 useless fighters with one strong one is the main team build, the idea of a far weaker version of hypeman's SA is essentially worthless. Chip damage recovery is also irrelevant to the ability to carry. Any mechanic that encourages you to take fighters out of combat to use a weak tank for little to no benefit is always going to be useless in this game, just by the way the combat and rewards are structured. SA needs to be scrapped or intensely buffed to have any viability in good, and attack also needs to be heavily buffed. One of the worst fighters currently in the game.

In conclusion, it appears that a majority of bronzes have massive flaws that keep them from being competetive with the other fighters. I only hope that we can start a discussion and influence some actual change in this game we all love, so if you have any ideas or corrections, let me know.

-- Imai
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Jul 16, 2017
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I'll post more extensively once Im home but a quick note about Twisted Mettle

Her HP is really low, it might be tough to run her without having decent HP or defense on her moves.

Golds that gain beneficial effects when hit arent considered good due to the sheer amount of damage they can take (and generally the benefits arent that good). With bronzes having lower base stats this becomes a bigger problem.


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Jul 19, 2017
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I totally agree with the Parasoul comments, I personally loved Heavy Reign in bronze and silver, but in high fs gold; trying to win is like trying to swallow nails. Great post :)
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Won't Bite
Aug 31, 2017
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Updated with Scrub and Icy hot! Sorry about missing a few fighters guys! Should be fully complete now. Thanks for the feedback!