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Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

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Taken March 2 at 16:18 GTM-6


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Taken on March 2nd at 5:12pm (PST)


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11:33 p.m Central Standard time (CST)


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10:20 AM GMT+1
Cerebella prize fights, just looks suspicious

IMG_20200303_102759.jpg IMG_20200303_102736.jpg
This "player" is clearly a cheater. I hope he gets banned. I noticed this impossible defeat at 17:13 in GTM -3, Brasília time, federal district.


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UTC+2 March 3rd Cerebella Gold Prize Fight

UTC+2 March 4th around 10:00 p.m Cerebella Gold Prize Fight
March 4th , 10:30 UTC -4 (Cerebella gold pf)

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-04 at 18.38.44.jpeg
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I am sure that he is the HACKER !
I am sure that he is the HACKER !
I am sure that he is the HACKER !
Screenshot_20200305-123931.png Screenshot_20200305-123958.png Screenshot_20200305-124010.png Screenshot_20200305-124019.png Screenshot_20200305-124025.png Screenshot_20200305-124034.png Screenshot_20200305-124040.png Screenshot_20200305-124045.png Screenshot_20200305-124050.png Screenshot_20200305-124100.png
okay so this barely needs any description...
This is extremely blatant cheating and i hope the devs get this guy banned


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This mada#$@&! think that is funny use hacks in rift battles, he use almost pure gold vs diamonds in hard nodes.

Please i hope be banned permanently, is ridiculous that this player be diamond 4
He has been hacking for over a month now without any punishment despite many reports, including me. Might as well let him go all the way to Legends rank and see what the devs would do.
Cerebella Silver, 5 March 1:43 GMT+3
Cerebella Gold, 5 March 10:17 GMT+3
5:16 p.m Central Standard time
Robo gold pf


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March 6, 8:30 UTC+8 (Robo Gold PF)


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Hey everyone!

You can use this thread to report players that you believe are cheating.
A few players have mentioned that they are having their amazing 30K fighter score teams creamed by a few 200 fighter score Silvers recently.

Please note that this thread is NOT for witch-hunting, and it is not for discussing hacks, hackers, or anything like that.

Steps to submit a report:

- Screenshot the Prize Fight CLAIM screen results with your name, and the opponent name visible.

- Include the TIME that the screenshot was taken, including your timezone.

- Post this information below, and we'll take care of the rest.​

We're working on improving app protection against hackers so that this is less of an issue in the future.
As a reminder, if you are caught using these hacks, you will be permanently banned.

Please note that this thread is for reporting suspicious Prize Fight match results only. Any other concerns about cheating should be made elsewhere.

Photo take at 11:28 AM, Fri Mar 6, 2020


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