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Combo Counters: A Complete Guide


Jul 16, 2017
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With the recent character combo contests the Skullgirls Mobile twitter has been holding, I noticed a lot of confusion over the combo counter in the top left of the screen. This post is a guide on what it is, how it works and how it doesn't work!

The combo counter is the number in the top left corner that appears when you hit the opponent.

This number goes up when you hit the opponent within a certain amount of time of the previous hit.
What a lot of players don't realize is that the color of this counter changes if the opponent can act between those hits (excluding bursts).
As you can see, the number takes on a red tinge.

This knowledge can be very useful when testing combos. If your combo counter turns red it generally means the opponent had the chance to counterattack or block.
A common example of this would be doing two ground combos in a row. It will increase the combo counter, but between the two combos, the counter will turn red. Against an AI opponent, they would be able to block or attack after the first combo.

There are two exceptions to this rule: BB3s (unblockable blockbusters) and stuns.

If a BB3 is used straight after ground combo the AI won't be able to block or act, but the combo counter will still turn red.
If a BB3 is used after a knockdown, the combo counter will expire before the enemy stands up and the BB3 is executed, but again, this would still technically be impossible for the AI to avoid.

Similarly, if an enemy is stunned, combos that would turn the counter red will still do so, even if the enemy cannot act due to the stun. A common example of this would be Parasite Weave's ground combo chains.
However, stun does increase the duration that the combo counter lingers. Rather than going away in a few milliseconds, the counter will remain until the stun duration ends.

Unlike stuns, staggers will keep the combo counter blue.

I hope you learned something new from this post, if I have made any mistakes, or if you have anything to add to the discussion, please leave a comment!

Best of luck getting those dank combos

EDIT: It appears some blockbuster that involves air-throws (Canopy Bounce, Grab Bag) turns the counter red before the air-throw. It is still true as the enemy cannot act after the launcher part connects.
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