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Countering Ms. Fortune Headless

Discussion in 'Ms. Fortune' started by AnimeAccel13, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. AnimeAccel13

    AnimeAccel13 New Member

    Jul 20, 2018
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    Hey everyone I'm creating this thread to discover if anyone has any tips or tricks for dealing with Ai Ms. Fortune headless. I RARELY stand a chance of winning the moment she throws that pun filled head at me.
    One trick that I know is to use resonate evil to stun her once I get armor from all her head hits but he lacks damage once I get to 30+ win streaks.
    If anyone has any of tips then please post it here. Thanks.
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  2. cappatacus

    cappatacus Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    I made a thread a while ago addressing this issue, but no one was able to provide a solution besides altering the AI or adjusting her CA. I know that it's best not to keep her head behind you, if at all possible, but that is by far easier said than done. I don't have great advice other than to come prepared with characters like RE as you said, or projectile based characters who can hit her from afar as she initiates Head Games. I don't remember if it can be interrupted and completely stopped, but her head can't move while she's being hit, so with any luck her head won't reach you. Also, if you can, be aggressive to start off so that she doesn't get the chance to use Head Games.
  3. bestsuperblox65

    Aug 8, 2018
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    Block until she gets close, then grab and push her away from her head until she tags out. And tag out move is good too.
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