• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Crash Crash during Holodeck Hazards


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Feb 4, 2018
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Me: Rainbow Blight Double (diamond, FS = 6,910)
Enemy: Trés Chic Valentine

Crash report:
First node for Holodeck Hazards. The game crashed when Valentine was doing her dash attack (lunging slash knee slide) and I was holding block as Double. Then black screen. Double may have had 2 to 3 buffs while Valentine had the same number of debuffs. My Beowulf was defeated and the enemy team was down to only Valentine.

Full teams:
Beast King Beowulf (12.3K) - defeated
Rainbow Blight Double (6,910)
Kill Joy Valentine (7,860)

don't recall! 🤔 maybe Red Velvet Eliza - defeated
Timeless Hero Annie - defeated
Trés Chic Valentine

Pixel 2
Android version 11

Follow-up: Was able to finish all HH nodes with no issue. Perhaps this is some strange interaction between RB Double and TC Valentine?
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Has this happened on your device before and have you had any similar experiences using Rainbow Blight? Has this happened again since you reported this last week?
The only other time I'd have these blackout "crashes" are when sometimes watching ads in the Viewing Parlor (rarely, some ads complete, but upon tapping the X it returns to SGM but it black screen, and unresponsive. App has to be quit and restarted.

No other anomalies with Rainbow Bright and I could not get the error to happen again. Must have been a fluke. Thanks for taking a look!
When the screen goes black, by chance will it resolve by minimizing and then returning to the app? We had an old Android bug where occasionally the game would open to a black screen or the screen would be 'squished,' as if the screen rotation didn't happen. It was fixed, but I've seen 1 or 2 reports that have me concerned that it's back again. The simple workaround was to minimize the game and return, so I'm curious if the issue you're seeing is similar.
I try minimizing and returning and I try switch to other apps, and I give the black screen a minute or so to recover, but it never does so I close SGM. These black screens are rare "mild" crashes where the app becomes unresponsive (a severe crash would be the app dies and you to the home screen, something SGM is yet to do).

Maybe it is a bad habit that I keep SGM running all day and only close it every night. I don't know. I do not report the ad "crashes" because it isn't consistent (e.g. an AFK Arena ad causes a black screen, but the very same ad later does not cause a black screen).