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Fights Current issue that SGM faces

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Pepperlunatic, May 22, 2019.


What is the most important issue that SGM should focus on

  1. Dealing with On hit x% chance that x happens effects

  2. Refining Rift Battle

  3. Fixing Catalyst

  4. Developing new mode

  5. Better Training Mode

  6. More frequent balance changes

  7. Other(Please comment your thoughts on it if you have any)

    0 vote(s)
  8. Quality of life changes

  9. Quality of life changes

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Pepperlunatic

    Pepperlunatic Active Member

    Jun 16, 2017
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    I am just going to cut the intro and quickly list and summarize the current issues that SGM faces.

    1. On hit x%chance that x happens effects

    This one is pretty much an archaic problem that we somewhat got used to. Though this issue may seem look benign, these on hit x% chance that x happens effects have been giving many unpleasant moments to many players like getting stunned after hitting 3 hit to RE or armor not triggering at all when playing as RE. Sure, you can attempt to not trigger that as much as possible by using low hit character or using silent kill. However, RNG can still screw you up even if you try to use counter and ruin the whole day. To make sure player experience is more positive, these on hit x% chance that x happens should be altered to be a bit more consistent and less reliant to RNG. Making it to occur after getting 5 hits would be a good solution for this issue.

    2. Rift Battle

    There are two issues in Rfit Battle: Matchmaking and Rank decay. Matchmaking is a bit of a long story so here is a link that contains details of this issue: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/...is-backfiring-in-upper-ranks.5918/#post-27080. As of Rank decay, it is very cumbersome system that makes Rift Battle even more stressful and makes players to get sick of SGM as a result. To solve such issue, Rank decay should be lessen or replaced with better system to make sure players are less stressful and thus enjoy SGM more and purchase more micro-transaction as a result.

    3. Catalyst

    OP catalyst issues are well known and so many people have discussed that so many times, I am not going to talk about that part. The issue with cataylst is that other than those OP and good catalysts, rest of them are pretty much fillers that you just auto-sell. Because of such reason, catalysts are not really making each game as interesting as we expected. Even the usable and decent catalysts are just simply present annoyingly more difficult version of same fights we used to face.

    4. New Mode

    I don't remember how long I have played this game but not much new modes to play with the exception of new characters and rift, which I would rather play story mode again than do that thing. Since rift battle is only bring more stress to majority of players, it is evident that many players will be burned out and potentially lose interest. There must be a new casual-friendly mode that is refreshing and relaxing to keep the causal players engaged in this game.

    5. Modifiers

    The problem with recent groups of modifiers in recent daily events are just simply annoying and unpleasant rather than being fun. Instead of making new challenges more difficult, devs should focus more on making different experience not harder experience. After all, we play games to have fun, not to only suffer and despair. For every other upcoming challenge fights, please don't just make it difficult but to make it also fun as well.

    6. Better training mode

    Training mode is just too outdated and is only useful in combo contest stuff. Considering how players are wanting to practice battling AI before doing some Rift Battle, it is very important SGM to have more efficient way to practice other than that ridiculous method that involves with duel.

    7. Making more character changes

    This issue is not as important as the ones listed above but worth mentioning. I am certain that devs are working as much as they can to make the game more fun and make unused character more usable but I think devs. are being to conservative in balance patches. Considering that you are only playing as offense not defense, making offensive characters and abilities slightly more powerful will not hurt much player experience as long as it is not in the level of pre-nerf parasite weaves. After all, balanced game with little to no significant change is less fun than unbalanced meta that frequently changes. Also, considering that creating new contents in this game is far more difficult since the team is relatively small, frequent balance change will spice up the game with very little effort compared to making new character like Umbrella.

    Thanks for reading this summary and please leave any comments on how you think about these issues. Hope everyone have good time in playing SGM and wish luck for the devs on making this game better. :)

    Edit 1: I've added quality of life in the poll but... ...well i accidentally made two of them and i can't delete the extra one. Well just pick the one that you like if you are gong to pick quality of life.
    #1 Pepperlunatic, May 22, 2019
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
  2. Dusty00

    Dusty00 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
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    More Quality of Life updates, please!

    Some examples to be added later when I get home.
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